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Hairy, crazy ants invade from Texas to Miss.

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    Armageddon in the form of ants? They can potentially wipe out huge industrial sites? :surprised



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    Yuck! Add them to the list of things going wrong.
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    sounds like just a matter of time before they kill people

    http://urbanentomology.tamu.edu/ants/exotic_tx.cfm [Broken]
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    Wow, that's much worse than the pigs.
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    GO ANTS!!!! Create chaos everywhere my precious anty minions!!
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    You guys should watch this video. It's really interesting.

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    LOL, only someone who's never lived in the tropics could be surprised by this. Bugs already rule the world with some 4-6 hundred pounds of ants alone for every human being. They only tolerate us because we grow sugar.:tongue:
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    Meh, that story is old news. I live in Houston and worked in the chemical industry. They were there the entire 4.5 years that I was, although we didn't know of them as "Raspberry Ants" until 2-3 years ago. I've never seen them around my house or anywhere away from the chemical plant where I worked (5 miles from my house) and I've lived in the area all my life.

    They are interesting to watch though. There's seemingly no method to the madness and they are VERY fast. They look like normal red ants on speed and highly disorganized.
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    Sure would be nice if we could invent a chemical which tells them "Ok, you're very old and have lived a nice, long life, so go lay down and die."

    Probably just create more food for those who didn't get the message.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    We had the same problem in California with hairy, crazy aunts from South Dakota.
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    Its all them illegal aliens I tell ya. Fire ants, killer bees, we should send em back where they came from.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Oh, ants, not aunts! Nevermind.
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    Just hire some prepubescent boys with a history of torturing insects.
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    I think these raspberry creatures outnumber them millions to one, so the boys will be busy...

    Uh, they've a hive mind. We have a collective mind. Can't we do better?
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    Ants can have aunts.
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    Reflecting on my childhood and the 1,000,000+ ants I must have killed.
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