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Homework Help: Half-cell / reduction potential?

  1. Feb 26, 2008 #1
    Could anyone give me some pointers regarding this problem?

    Half-cell Xn+/X is connected with half-cell Yn+/Y and the potential difference is found to be 0.12V with Y being the positive electrode. Yn+/Y is connected with Cu2+ and the potential difference is found to be 0.13V with Cu being the positive electrode. If Cu2+ + 2 e- right arrow Cu is assigned the potential 0.34V versus the standard hydrogen electrode, what is the reduction potential of Xn+ + n e- right arrow X relative to the standard hydrogen half-cell?

    My tentative solution is 0.12 V + 0.13 V = 0.25 V. Does that look right?

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    Whats all this Xn+/X malarchy? Is that the representation of the half cell? If so please make it slightly more clear what's being read my understanding is:


    but im not really getting it o_O
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