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Has it been proven that all rational numbers repeat ...

  1. Dec 10, 2015 #1
    in every radixial representation, except of course for those cases in which the numerator is a factor of some natural-number power of the radix?

    For the radixial system we know (i.e., because we are bilateral and have arms that have 5 fingers), this would mean that any possible natural number that does not have 2 or 5 as factor (which if it did have such a factor would mean that it is a factor of some number 10n) must be a factor of some number 9999 ...., and of course mean something similar for a radixial number of any radix?

    (I am probably using some improper terminology, including the term radixial, but I think folks understand what I mean here - i.e., as a generic term for a number that is in decimal, hexadecimal, binary, etc.)
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    In the process of division of one integer m by a coprime integer n, using some base b, at each step there is a remainder less than n. So in n steps or fewer, this remainder must recur. All of the resulting digits will therefore recur from that point, ad infinitum.
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