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Job Skills Have an internship interview this Thursday

  1. Dec 15, 2008 #1
    My physics professor referred me to an engineering internship. Obviously, I sent my resume and everything already. I'm a physics major, by the way. Any advice for the interview? I'd really like to get this position. It's a part-time job assisting the project engineer.
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    Read up as much as you can on the project and the field so you can discuss it intelligently.

    Try to prepare a few questions of your own, keeping in mind that you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you.
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    My usual advice on interviews is for you to take some things along from some projects you've worked on in the past. If you've built hobby electronics projects, take them and the documentation along. If you've done previous internship or lab work, take the documentation along.

    I prefer to talk about things that a candidate has actual experience in during an interview, rather than ask boilerplate EE questions. The reason is, if it really is something they've worked on, then I can expect them to understand it in detail, so I can ask as detailed questions as I want. If you show me a schematic of a radio or uC circuit that you've built, we are going to get into a lot of details about how things work and why they work that way.

    Not all interviewers will necessarily want to talk about your previous project work, but many/most will at least let you tell them briefly about them. And it will make you stand out among the other candidtates -- you will be the practical one with some useful, proven skills that the project engineer can take advantage of.

    Have fun!
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    This would actually be my very first internship. Though, I was a state- and NICET-licensed fire alarm technician for a few years. That's really about all the "technical" work experience I have.
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    I was an intern for almost all of my undergrad. The top two things most people look for when hiring an engineer intern is some one that is competent and has the ability to learn quickly. Don't paint yourself as a know it all (like me :approve:) but just as some one who will work hard and will be easy to work with.
  7. Dec 17, 2008 #6
    Hey, just have fun with it.

    I'm sure you've researched the position some, it won't be difficult work.

    When you interview, make sure that your experiences can related to the questions they ask.

    There is only so much you can prepare, the rest you have to wing. The point being telling them what they want to hear.

    And perfect answers are:

    I believe my abilities will be a good fit for your engineering position.
    My goal is to fit my ability and experience with your needs, and I believe I'm the right person for this position.

    If they ask 'How', make damn sure you've prepared something in your experience that will pertain to this position. And stay positive about your previous jobs.

    I have a phone interview this coming Friday, during my normal sleep hours.. as I work at night.. should be exciting.
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