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Have You Ever Not Coped At University?

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    First of all I was unsure as to which forum this topic should go. Sorry in advance

    Essentially, I am looking for as much advice as possible. I'm at my accommodation now and next Monday I will start my courses. Now, like many people, I did a lot to get here and sacrificed a lot. What happens if I can't cope? Has anyone here actually struggled in school etc? Because I struggled to get here and I know I am going to struggle to get by. Everyone in my class seems to be on the ball.

    Any advice on uni life or studies will be much appreciated.
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    Don't fear anything.
    Just imagine, what could be the worst thing to happen?
    You would realize that even then, you can recollect your life and live it in some ways.
    Think of Anything better than that as bonus, so, work for getting biggest of it, but even if you fail somewhere, life goes buy.
    My point: Don't put too high an expectation on yourself, keep it minimal. It will help kill anxiety.
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    How do you know that, if you haven't had any classes yet?

    If you think about it, you only have two options. Either you go for it, or you chicken out.

    If you chicken out, you have a guaranteed 0% chance of getting a degree.

    If you go for it, you are not 100% guaranteed to succeed (and neither is anybody else on the course), but your chance of succeeding is probably a lot higher than 0%.

    So really, you only have one option! Good luck with the course.
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    You will probably need to struggle. But the thing is that everybody struggles!! University takes quite a lot of effort and you need to be willing to put that in.

    I know it may seem right now that your classmates are more advanced than you. But (even if this is real), this advantage will not last forever. You will soon see that the people who put in the effort get rewarded most. Your classmates might have an advantage now, but this may not last.

    What happens if you can't cope?? Try not to think about that. Just try to enjoy your studies. University is enjoyment, so try to relax. And whatever happens, happens.
    It might be that you can't cope, but don't worry about that right now. Know this: if you drop out now, then you have 0 chance on obtaining anything. So relax and work hard!
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    God yes, anyone who copes well with such a monumentally life changing experience is a lucky person.

    There are all sorts of free groups set up to help with the transition in the UK at least, I can't speak for other countries, but a friend of mine suffered from panic attacks at Uni, and he got free counselling, and was given a sort of carte blanche if he didn't turn up to lectures by his Professors, although that might also have had to do with the fact that he was passing with a first level standard in almost all semesters.
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    it's called a curriculum for a reason. curriculum means racecourse. it's intended to be a struggle. just do your best. worst case is that you change courses.
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    As a retired university professor, reading the above post, I would judge that you have an excellent chance of not only coping but doing well. You already write better than the average freshman, and the content of your writing shows a good academic attitude. I don't think that you have anything to worry about.

    As FDR famously said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself!"
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