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Have you found what you are good at?

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    Ok, you maybe in college with some major and are 3rd/4th year into it[can't turn back]. Does this major actually reflect what you are good at in life? Have you found out what you are good at yet?
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    You are good at whatever you have worked to get good at.
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    I never really thought about it. I asked my mother what I'm good at and she said everything. That's doesn't really nail anything down, so I asked my wife and kids. It turns out that I am good at making people laugh.
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    Funny ha ha?
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    Well said.
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    Some people are just born with natural talents. For example, I have always been able to make wicked awesome robots out of legos and never worked to "get good" at it.
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    You name it I'm good at it.Sorry,I lie but I am good at one thing,chronic flatulence.
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    I'm just the opposite. You name it, I'm bad at it.

    But, boy am I good at all the unnamed things. A horse with no name? Man, am I ever great at that!
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    Some people got it and some people don't. They tell me I'm full of it.
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    I'm a Computer Science Engineering major and I'm doubting if I'm in the right major... lately I have been struggling a lot with my CS classes and physics...
    I'm teaching myself acoustic guitar during the little time I have for the past 2 months and a couple of days ago I decided to learn a couple of songs and post them right away on YouTube as part of a project for one class.
    Check it out:

    Should I switch major? lol
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    I have a MS in physics, but currently work for a social science organization. I heard it said that nowadays people work at five different occupations in their lifetime.

    I still love physics.
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