Have you found what you are good at?

Ok, you maybe in college with some major and are 3rd/4th year into it[can't turn back]. Does this major actually reflect what you are good at in life? Have you found out what you are good at yet?
You are good at whatever you have worked to get good at.
I never really thought about it. I asked my mother what I'm good at and she said everything. That's doesn't really nail anything down, so I asked my wife and kids. It turns out that I am good at making people laugh.
You are good at whatever you have worked to get good at.
Well said.
Some people are just born with natural talents. For example, I have always been able to make wicked awesome robots out of legos and never worked to "get good" at it.
You name it I'm good at it.Sorry,I lie but I am good at one thing,chronic flatulence.


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You name it I'm good at it.
I'm just the opposite. You name it, I'm bad at it.

But, boy am I good at all the unnamed things. A horse with no name? Man, am I ever great at that!
I'm a Computer Science Engineering major and I'm doubting if I'm in the right major... lately I have been struggling a lot with my CS classes and physics...
I'm teaching myself acoustic guitar during the little time I have for the past 2 months and a couple of days ago I decided to learn a couple of songs and post them right away on YouTube as part of a project for one class.
Check it out:
Should I switch major? lol
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I have a MS in physics, but currently work for a social science organization. I heard it said that nowadays people work at five different occupations in their lifetime.

I still love physics.

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