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Have you seen the new and improved Catherine-wheel ?

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    I think that it was posted in the YouTube classics thread several months ago. Pretty impressive though. :smile:
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    This is fake. For one, small rockets which are powerful enough to lift the weight of something that large don't burn for more then 5-10 seconds. Second, for that thing to be stable, it'd require the rockets to be carefully synchronized at launch and during flight - lighting a bunch of wicks with large sticks doesn't cut it. Third, it just looks fake - the motion and smoke trail are far too regular and symmetric.
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    Is it really using short burn rockets to lift it or is it using long burn fire works to spin a propeller device that does the lifting. Regardless it was very impressive. : )
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    If it is a fake it's very good : CGI smoke is difficult. As for weight , it's just a framework, not a solid disk.

    Like a flywheel , the moment of inertia would smooth out any unsynchronised / asymmetrical rockets.
    and gyroscopic action would keep the ring horizontal.

    The ring does have blades in it , but they are not radial ...

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    I have a feeling that some of those people around it were holding it steady until the gyroscopic action was sufficient. Then they ran link He11.

    Correction it appears to be sitting within a circular structure that kept it stabilized until the gyroscopic action was sufficient. On full screen it looks even more impressive.
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