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Medical Having colonoscopy/upper gi?

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    ok,so i have had stomach issues for 6 years. i am 20 years old,and my doctor and i agreed this was the best way to find out whats' wrong. i have had blood testing for celiacs,ultrasounds,stool work etc!!!!! all was ''normal''

    i have some concerns though!!!!

    1-i have hemmorhoids due to my stomach issues/ im scared that the colonoscopy will hurt badly due to this...im also scared that even if it doesnt hurt during the procedure...it will aggravate the hemmorhoids so badly that they will hurt afterwords... any thoughts?

    2-i have a year long chest/sternum/ribs injury from lifting weights. and i havent gotten it resolved, because the orthopedic doctor i went to was useless. its around the sternum area. i have heard that a side effect of the upper gi is chest pain...given the fact i already have a chest injury, im really scared this procedure will tear my chest up even worse than it i!!! my sternum is pretty much torn apart..obviously its not that bad if im still able to function,but its still a bad injury...im just nervous this will aggravate it!

    3-my doctor and i discussed that reaching the ileum is the main goal of the clonoscopy. it is imperative we try to reach it to get a clear sense of whats going on with me. my friend who has chrons says its a waste of time if they dont get to the ileum...either way whether its a waste or not, i want them to search my ileum. my doctor said sometimes patients ileum's cant be reached. im concerned he wont be able to get into mine!!!!!!!!!! help!

    4-ive heard the movi prep is horrible...how am i gonna get through this ?? ha.

    im not sure if my chest injury is in my sternum,but i know i feel pain there as well as the ribs. so the upper gi wont damage it? i hear that chest pain is a side effect of the upper gi (and thats for normal people without injuries so i figured maybe itll aggravate or worsen my already preexisting one)

    i was thinking of sitting in the bathroom the whole day of the prep but it might make the hemorrhoids worse?

    ive heard hemmorhoids could be repaired surgically. do you think my doc will try to fix them during my colonoscopy

    ive also heard bad things about the anesthesia they use. my doc refused to do it without sedation. when iasked what kind of anestisia they use they said it was not sugery anestisia but some other type. they said it snot local anestisia though. ive heard of an anestisia called veptin or something? thats supposed to really make you dumber? idk but any anestisia that makes you forget what happened prolly messes with your brain...im also scared they wont give me enough and ill be under anestisia awakness or w/e that disease is called in the movie awake and ill feel everything thats going

    i had a pipe down my throat as a kid for my vocal chords..i really hated it i m scared the upper gi wil be so bad..if its as small as food why will itt make my throat sore?

    also are polyps symptomatic? i hear people have polyps removed. is that just to PREVENT things like cancer, or is it possible that ihave polyps and removing them will causeme relief.
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    You should address these concerns to your doctor.
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    dont have the money to go for another office visit just to ask questions.i have a lot of problems and need a lot mroe doctors..plus i know theres a lot of smart people here
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    Nobody here will be able to give you medical advice that you can rely on. Are there any free clinics or university teaching hospitals near you that you can visit?
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    Smart reply shoehorn.
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    If it eases your mind, I'll tell you about my procedures. I have had two endoscopies (where the tube goes into your mouth, down your esophagus and into the top of your stomach. You are put to sleep, but it is a light anesthetic which wears off quickly. I had scaring & strictures of the esophagus and part of my stomach had come up inside my esophagus (Hiatal Hernia). I had no pain afterward from the procedure. You should discuss your rib problems with the doctor.

    I recently had a colonoscopy and I have hemorhoids. Again, no pain, as a matter of fact I felt so good all day after the procedure (after effects of the demerol) that I can't wait until my next one.

    Anything other than relaying how my procedures went, you need to discuss your concerns directly with the specialist(s) that will do these procedures and that have your records. If you call them, the nurse should be able to answer your questions over the phone after speaking to the doctor. You can always ask the gastroenterologist when you go for the procedure. I assume these are being done by a gastroenterologist?
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    when i talked to the scheduler on the phone she answered me..but i really would prefer if she asked the doctor, and i am embarrased to ask.
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    Many people are embarrassesd or afraid they are imposing on the doctor, so you are not alone.

    But it is your life that is being discussed, and the doctor is being well paid to answer your questions.

    I don't want to scare you by saying that both of these procedures carry serious risks if something goes wrong (puncturing the intestines, stomach, etc can be quite serious and even fatal), although the risk with a competant doctor is very slim, but in case you've never had any priocedures before, I don't want it upsetting you when they go over the legal stuff. They made my daughter cry. You probably run more risk in the car ride to and from the doctor than the procedure.

    If they find polyps during the colonoscopy, they will be removed and sent to be biopsied. I did not feel anything when mine were removed. I only had a slight discomfort when they first inserted the tube, but they just cranked up the demerol and all was A-OK. Two thumbs up.

    Colorectal cancer from polyps is one of the few cancers that can be prevented by removing the polyp at an early stage, hopefully while it is still in the pre-malignant stage. So this is a good thing.

    I am assuming the upper GI will be an EGD? I don't know how much you've read up on the procedures, so i will post some links.

    EGD - esophagogastroduodenoscopy http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/003888.htm

    A good site with links to all of the various procedures. http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/003338.htm

    Ask to see the pictures after the procedure. They're cool

    I woke up during my 2nd EGD, I have a high resistance to anesthesia and they always underestimate how much I need. I do very clearly remember it and how long it took them to put me back under and the doctor telling the new nurse I wouldn't remember. Trust me when I tell you that you do not want to be awake for this.
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    I had both procedures done on the same day several years ago. The most painful part of the whole process was the forced "cleansing" on the previous day. The anesthesia was relatively benign and easy to recover from.

    Now, Mr. OP, call your doctor and relate your concerns to him or her. You needn't go into this with so much fear and uncertainty, and we can't answer your medical questions for you. Hopefully, relating personal experiences has helped you some.
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    well i dont care if impose on the doctor.i dont have much respect for doctors to be honest. from what ive seen of this field, its complete crap.

    that being said, the doctor doesnt accept phone calls. i asked the scheduler a day or two ago the questions,but i feel better having her atleast ask the doctor and telling me....i just feel strange asking(the same person usually answers the phones) she said did the doctor know about the injury? and i said i discussed it briefly. this doctor seems pretty competent which is why i chose to see him..but i still wanna have reassurance once more. i really hope this finds my freaking problem...going through this and being told im fine will piss me off especially when im not.
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    Sportstarr if you are worried about the procedure then don't.I've had a few of these over the past ten years and I am booked for another one next week.I found that the worst part was the bloated feeling you can be left with after the procedure.This can be caused when air is pumped into the colon.After the first procedure the nurse who brought me a cup of tea said that the bloatedness will go after a few good farts.She told me not to be embarrassed and just let rip.She was right.
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    yeah that worries me some as well. im bloated and nauseaus everyday as it is..i cant imagine it getting worsel...but im guessing it has to with air in me ha
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    I feel for you. I hope they find the cause. After several surgeries in the past couple of years, my condition is no better. Plus another condition is far worse.

    Good luck.
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    why is it worse? from this?
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    I can clarify one other point, which is about the anesthesia. When you say "surgical anesthesia" usually that means an inductive, such as Fentanyl or more likley Propofol, then maintained by something such as Halothane. In surgery you may also be given an analgesic and paralytic such as pancurium bromide, which then requires intubation. This is all necessary for a procedure such as having dental work (of virtually any severity), or a colonoscopy.

    In this case, while I cannot say exactly what your doctor will use, the general approach is to give a combination of Versed (Midazolam) and (a small amount) of Fentanyl. The effect is that of a powerful dissociative benzodiazapine which often causes minor retrograde amnesia, and the analgesic and soporific effects of fentanyl. This presents very little risk to respiration or blood pressure, but it has the effect of making the experience "a blur" and reducing or eliminating any discomfort. The effects of these drugs are also highly preferable to those which disrupt the activity of the hippocampus such as the aforementioned halothane.

    In my opinion, and it is just that per forum rules, this is not thing. While I cannot offer a diagnosis over the internet (and couldn't from the information given anyway), it seems that this is an important step in determining the cause of what is clearly a clinically significant GI issue.

    As for hemorrhoids, it would not shock me that they are present in someone who I'd guess, strains when going to the bathroom, or has spastic activity which causes the same. They can be corrected surgically, but there is rarely a need, and certainly a doctor won't try before the cause has been addressed. If you no longer have to strain on the toilet, you may well find they shrink and "leave" of their own accord.

    For the bloating, I wouldn't worry, as one generally evacuates the gas once the sedation begins to wear off, through the process of copious farting. I would add that none of this should be embarrassing, as everyone who can afford it will or has this procedure done, usually more than once. The drink to "cleanse" is no fun at all, but I think you'll find that it is easier for you than most, as you already have these GI issues. What's worse, drinking what tastes like stale lemonade and fasting while crapping a bit, or this ongoing problem?

    I will put one thing out there, which is that I assume you've had your "iron binding" levels checked in your blood work, and are not anemic? This would be ferritin levels, serum iron levels, a electrophoresis to check the structure of your leukocytes, and hemoglobin/hematocrit numbers. From what you've said there has been no finding of occult blood in your stool, but the hemorrhoids could bleed occasionally.

    Finally, I don't see either procedure could have the slightest effect on your chest, sternum, ribs, intercostals or related structures. Just speak up if you feel that sedation is insufficient, experience pain, and so forth, but the procedures themselves are as safe as it gets. You have more risk of pain from having third molars extracted and being left with a "dry socket".
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    No, I have unrelated problems which are much worse.
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    I'm sorry to hear that; I hope your problems are resolved in a way that you can bear.
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    what im most concerned is of the anestisia im so close to canceling my procedure thats on this friday.
    i just know itll make me dumber or something..im already challeenged enough...i think they use benzos?

    heres a few links..any input is appreciated as always.

    http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2747529/why_i_chose_colonoscopy_without_sedation.html [Broken]

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    As I said https://www.physicsforums.com/showpost.php?p=2798622&postcount=15 you would almost certainly receive the benzodiazapine Midazolam, along with an analgesic. This will sedate you, but it doesn't have long-term effects such as a reduction of intelligence. Truly, you have nothing to worry about on this front, and given that the goal of your procedure is to reach the Illium, it would be gross negligence to leave you without sedation.

    I would strongly recommend that you recognize that your diffuse anxiety about this procedure is causing you to find various elements of it which frighten you... this is normal. It's alright to be worried, or afraid, that won't kill you, but don't let that keep you from a needed and very simple procedure.
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    the docs office said im getting general anestisia..or mac sedation. in most cases as iunderstand most colonoscopies are done with the drug u mentioned...or conscious awarenesss....thats why im mainly freaked. i hear such bad things on general anestisia...especially since colonoscopies can be done with out them!!!!!!!
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