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Havn't taken calc 3 in about a year now having to take vector calc, any adivce?

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    Hello everyone. Awhile ago I took honors calc 3, but only the 2 credit course, not the 4 becuase computer engineering didn't require the 4 credits. But now that I switched to computer science I have to take the 2nd half of calc 3 but I don't remember hardly anything.

    This is the description of the course:
    MATH 232 INTEGRAL VECTOR CALCULUS ( 2) Multidimensional analytic geometry, double and triple integrals; potential fields; flux; Green's, divergence and Stokes' theorems.

    Any recommendations on what I should brush up on before getting into this course? Classes don't start until the 16 th so I have some time I can review.

    I dont even remember what the first half of calc 3 even taught me, like the saying goes, if you don't use it, you loose it. I thought it was alot of drawing of different shapes and taking derivatives of more than 1 variable which I also forgot how to do but I'll be able to catch on quickly i'm sure. Eh this is gonna be fun. I do remeber getting an A in calc 3 first half though :blushing:
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    Lets see, Calc 3. At my university that normally is series/sequences, non-cartesian coordinate systems, and basic vector calc. So my best guess for the second half would be make sure you go over any vector calc from before and partial derivatives.

    But I don't know your course's sylibus, so this is just my best guess.
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    Knowing some basic derivatives/integrals and vector operations (dot/cross product, are there others?) would probably be enough to get you going.

    edit.. Probably partial derivatives too, and maybe divergence, curl, and gradients (I am guessing you covered that in your first part of calc 3?).

    The person who would know best would be the professor that is teaching your class next semester, just send him/her an e-mail.
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    thanks for the responces guys,

    good idea matt, i forgot all about e-mail, i'll do that
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    Buy a copy of :

    "div grad curl and all that, an informal text on vector calculus" by h. m. schey. It is a wonderful book on vector calculus and an "easy" read (at least for the math inclined).
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