Calc 3 Definition and 17 Discussions

The calc-alkaline magma series is one of two main subdivisions of the subalkaline magma series, the other subalkaline magma series being the tholeiitic series. A magma series is a series of compositions that describes the evolution of a mafic magma, which is high in magnesium and iron and produces basalt or gabbro, as it fractionally crystallizes to become a felsic magma, which is low in magnesium and iron and produces rhyolite or granite. Calc-alkaline rocks are rich in alkaline earths (magnesia and calcium oxide) and alkali metals and make up a major part of the crust of the continents.
The diverse rock types in the calc-alkaline series include volcanic types such as basalt, andesite, dacite, rhyolite, and also their coarser-grained intrusive equivalents (gabbro, diorite, granodiorite, and granite). They do not include silica-undersaturated, alkalic, or peralkaline rocks.

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  1. benorin

    B Help Visualizing 3-d Surfaces

    1. Fold in half the long way 2. Fold in half the short way 3. Unfold paper, grasping the left side horizontal crease, bend the paper as shown by making the left crease flush with the bottom vertical crease and crease along the -45 degree bend (not shown) 4. This is the visualization for...
  2. Hamiltonian

    Calculus Books for practice integration problems and calc 3

    I am looking for a (practice)book that has problems on definite and indefinite integration from easy to intermediate. also which book covers the prerequisites of calculus for books like Griffiths.(similar to the topics in chap 1 of Griffiths but more in-depth)
  3. entropy2008

    Cauchy-Riemann Theorem Example in Physics

    I was thinking of the wavefunction in QM but I'm not sure how it's used and when.
  4. komarxian

    Multivariable calculus problem

    Homework Statement Find the points on the surface xy^2z^3=2 that are closest to the origin Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution x,y,z=/= 0, as when x,y,z = 0 it is untrue. Right?? Otherwise, I am very unsure as to how to approach this problem. Should I be taking partial derivatives...
  5. M

    B Intution behind the gradient giving the steepest ascent in 2D

    Can this(image) be used as a proof that the direction of gradient gives the direction of steepest ascent(in 2D).Am I understanding it right ?.The function 'f' in the image is a scalar valued function.Please explain.
  6. C

    Stuck on the integration bound

    Homework Statement Trying to help a friend with a problem. We are supposed to solve the below using polar coordinates. The actual answer is supposed to be π/16. Solving the integral is not the issue, just converting it. 2. The attempt at a solution What I got sort of worked, but it is only...
  7. jlmccart03

    Courses Calculus 3 -- looking for ways to help me understand

    So I am in calculus 3 this year and have passed both calc 1 and 2 with a B and C+ respectively. I could have gotten a better grade but was lazy. I was lazy by using calculators and not actually learning the arithmetic and algebra. Now one serious issue I have is Trig. I can never remember trig...
  8. S

    B Proof: How to start it?

    I am having trouble with this proof. I just need a step in the right direction. Let u and v be vectors. (u+v)*(u-v)=0, then IuI=IvI I have to use properties of the dot product. I started off by combining both using this property u*(v+w)=u*v+u*w (u,v,w are vectors) I got lost in all of my...
  9. U

    Force on 2 cables with weight attatched using Theta....

    Homework Statement Calculate the magnitude of the force on cables 1 and 2 in the figure below if θ_1 = 55° and θ_2 = 35°. (Round your answers to two decimal places.) Homework Equations Is my method incorrect or did I go wrong somewhere in my calculations?? The...
  10. D

    Issue with Double Integral

    Homework Statement Find the volume of the given solid: Under the surface z = xy and above the triangle with verticies (1,1), (4,1) and (1,.2) Homework Equations Double Integral The Attempt at a Solution I drew the triangle, and found the the equations of the lines to be: x = 1; y = 1; y = -3x...
  11. D

    Confused with Space Curves

    Homework Statement Match the parametric equations with the graphs. In this case, I am stuck on this equation: x = cos t y = sin t z = 1/(1+t^2) Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution So far I have: x^2 + y^2 = cos ^2 t + sin ^2 t = 1 I know this is a circle in the xy-plane, and thus...
  12. L

    A shot fired from gun, elevation to hit a target 3000 feet away

    A shot fired from a gun with a muzzle velocity of 1200 ft per second is to hit a target 3000 feet away. Determine the minimum angle of elevation of the gun? Ok so I know that r(t)= (vcos(theta) t)i +(vsin(theta) t +16t^2)j I tried to set vcos(theta)t =3000, solve for t, and plug into the j...
  13. P

    Show the gravitional field is conservative

    In my calculus textbook (section on vector calc) it is showing that the gravitational field is conservative. I followed fine except for the first part, defining the scalar function f. Showing the field is conservative went something like this: f(x,y,z) = MM'G/\sqrt{x^2+y^2+z^2}...
  14. Marcin H

    Find the initial angle.

    Homework Statement : [/B] Find two elevation angles that will enable a shell, fired from ground level with a muzzle speed of 800 ft/s, to hit a groundlevel target 10,000 ft away. Homework Equations Look at attached picture The Attempt at a Solution Look at attached picture ***I get to...
  15. P

    Classical Mathematics for E&M

    Can anyone recommend a good book that deals with the mathematics of E&M? I've read through my calculus books and feel like I understand the material there and can solve the problems. However, when it comes to it's applications in electricity and magnetism I find that I have enormous difficulty...
  16. Amy1127

    Is it a bad idea to take 19 units in 16 weeks, or delay O-Chem to next term?

    In order to transfer on time from community college and prepare for the MCAT I have to really scrunch my classes. I was planning on taking Calc 3, Liner Algebra, O Chem 1, and Physics 1 (mechanics) at a whopping total of 19 units in 16 weeks. Is this doable? I would not be working and all of my...
  17. M

    Finding vectors and magnitude

    Homework Statement Find a vector in the direction opposite to <-4,1,2>, that has a magnitude of 3. Homework Equations I think that I did the first part of the problem correctly: <-4,1,2> magnitude= sqrt[ (-4)^2+1^2+2^2 ] = sqrt(16+1+4) = sqrt(21)...