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Hawking radiation & Information loss

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    What if there is no hawking radiation i.e if it is not proved..i think it is not yet proved...so will it have any influence on information loss paradox..if there is no hawking radiation then the information would be inside blackhole and not accessible..so there is no information loss paradox if there is no hawking radiation...any comments..
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    I'm no expert but wouldn't that mean you don't have a singularity? By "information" do you mean subatomic identities? I understand I am working at a very basic level here, just a curious layman.
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    even if anyone prooves that there is no hawking radiation then how will blackhole evaporation take place. hawking radition is the one which causes the decrease in the event horizon. so the blackholes will be hawing increasing event horizons.
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    It's the opposite. if there is no Hawking radiation then for sure there is information loss. If Hawking radiation is real, then the issue is less clear. If th eradiation is truly thermal, information is still lost. That's the whole question: whether or not the information is radiated away in the form of subtle correlations in the radiation.
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    if there is no hawking radiation,then information would be inside the blackhole but not accessible to our world...u said that information is lost if there is no hawking radiation..how is that?
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    Even hawking himself said in his information loss paradox paper,classically, there is no information loss in blackholes since the blackholes live forever,it could be thought that information would be inside the blackhole.
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