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I Heavy metals and semiconductors

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    Is there a list of semiconductors that are heavy metals?
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    The reason I was asking for a list of heavy metal semiconductors was because I wanted to know which ones would be toxic. I checked the wikipedia page but was unable to find which ones were toxic.
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    This is puzzling. Just because an element by itself is toxic doesn't mean that in a compound, it is still toxic. You do not want to ingest sodium and inhale chlorine separately, but in NaCl, it can be consumed.

    There are no "heavy metal" semiconductors, because by definition they are not! There are, however, semiconductors that have been doped with them, or that they are part of a compound that form the semiconductor. The toxicity of the semiconductor cannot be determined simply by the presence of a heavy metal element, but this is true with most material, so one has to assume that you do not want to swallow any of them.

    Look up the MSDS of a particular compound or material that you are curious about. If it is toxic, it will state it there.

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