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Heavy stuff philosophy argument diagram

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    Can someone summarize the arguments in this passage using premises and conclusions.
    I appreciate ANY feedback you can offer.
    "Voting Rights for Children"
    There is a gaping inconsistency in th logic of our democracy in denying children this fundamental democratic right. Many argue that children haven't the intelligence and experience to vote in a meaningful way. this argument was used years ago as a reason for denying non-male, nonwhite people the right to participate in elections. Nobody;s intelligence or experience is of more vlaue than someone else's. We all bring our own attribute to the ballot box whenwe select a candidate.
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    children won't vote
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    Math Is Hard

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    (Note from MIH - this is an assignment the OP is working on for a course.)
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    P1. Non-male, nonwhite people were thought not to have ___ so they were denied the right to ___ [And non-male, nonwhite people participate in elections today.]

    P2. Children cannot vote because ___


    [C. Children can be expected to ___ at some point in the future.]???
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    thank you
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