What is Diagram: Definition and 1000 Discussions

A diagram is a symbolic representation of information using visualization techniques. Diagrams have been used since ancient times on walls of caves, but became more prevalent during the Enlightenment. Sometimes, the technique uses a three-dimensional visualization which is then projected onto a two-dimensional surface. The word graph is sometimes used as a synonym for diagram.

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  1. S

    Question about Feynman diagram showing annihilation

    This is Feynman diagram of annihilation I get from wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annihilation I don't understand what the middle line with arrow to the right is. If I consider the left vertex and conservation of charge, it means the horizontal line with arrow to the right should carry...
  2. D

    I Your Favorite Feynman Diagram?

    Working on an art project using Feynman diagrams ... I'm curious if there are any that you consider to be particularly relevant to everyday human experience or particularly beautiful (according to any criteria you wish). Thanks!
  3. S

    Feynman Diagram of Meson decay

    I have trouble understanding the diagram and the answer key. 1) I am thinking time is the horizontal axis. Since A is π+, the quark composition will be ##u## and ##\bar{d}##. There are 2 vertices, let say P (on the left) and Q (on the right). I don't understand the conservation of charge at...
  4. hello478

    Phase difference between two light waves of the same frequency

    the diagram. i found that the phase difference between them is 100º but how is the answer 260 can someone please explain?
  5. H

    Second order diagram for the "scalar graviton"

    It has been shown in the text that ##h_0 = \frac 1 {\Box} J## with the diagram and that ##h_1 = \lambda \frac 1 {\Box} (h_0 h_0) = \lambda \frac 1 {\Box} [( \frac 1 {\Box} J)( \frac 1 {\Box}J)]## with the diagram I was not sure if the next order diagram is or rather Thus, I substitute...
  6. tritonas00

    Calculate IC equalizer frequencies and gain

    Homework Statement: Calculate frequencies/gain in an AC circuit given capacitance and resistance Relevant Equations: Looking for them :P Hi! I have this diagram: BA3823LS monolithic, five-point stereo graphic equalizer IC is used. Is there any way to calculate the frequencies (hz) that are...
  7. sHatDowN

    Engineering Distance is a problem -- find shear force and bending moment diagram

    This is our sample problem find shear force and bending moment diagram after calculations supports reactions and drawing shear force diagram we have a problem ..... Distance between F to O
  8. S

    Electron energy state problem

    For the problem with the diagram, I'm getting from n=4 to n=2, n=5 to n=4, n=5 to n=1 and n=4 to n=1. n=4 to n=2 corresponds to n=1 to n=2 in well C; n=5 to n=4 corresponds to n=1 to n=2 in well D; n=5 to n=1 corresponds to n=1 to n=3 in well D and n=4 to n=1 corresponds to n=1 to n=2 in well E...
  9. DifferentialGalois

    Falling hailstones hitting two car windscreens

    I tried to construct a diagram, but to no avail, since I don't really understand the qn. However, my professor provided me with this graphical depiction (that i obviously don't understand)
  10. C

    Needs clarity on this displacement vector diagram

    The problem is actually a solved example My attention is focused in understanding the displacement vector diagram as it has to deal with question (iv). I have no problem understanding the velocity vector sketch below: As you can see ND is the velocity of the river current due East and NE is...
  11. DagmaarUlereich

    Unconventional wire illustration/diagram.

    I have my own thoughts and possible could provide sketch or instance use case, elaborate using evident setsettings. But I don't want to persuade, influence or lead other people who are actually educated and inadvertently guide and ultimately hinder the outcomes of their initial assessment. The...
  12. D

    The Day the Earth Stood Still

    This model diagram is possible when index0/index1=index1/index2=radius2/radius1 for the model's variables. 30 degree wave into a sphere. Reminded me of something out of that old science fiction movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still...
  13. K

    Free body diagram for two-force members

    Hoping someone can chip in and help me understand a problem when it comes to two-force members. I have a structure as shown below. Essentially its a single body attached at 3 points with pin joints. My question is, is it appropriate to treat each of the left and right side as individual...
  14. Bluesy

    I Light Refraction, Biconvex Lens, Diagram Help

    I've read that the refraction of light at the boundary of a medium can be described as follows: -a line of connected people marching. one side of the line enters mud, and slows down. This causes the non-mud side to pivot towards the slower side, which then causes the line to change direction...
  15. A

    Oven controller block diagram, transfer function and temperature calcs

    FIGURE 5 shows an electrically heated oven and its associated control circuitry. The current, I, to the oven's heating element is fed from a voltage-controlled power amplifier such that I = EK1. A voltage, VD, derived from a potentiometer, sets the desired oven temperature, TD. The oven...
  16. Demystifier

    A Minkowski Spacetime 3+1 Dimensions: Conformal Diagram w/Boundary

    The Minkowski spacetime in 3+1 dimensions does not have a boundary. Yet, its conformal diagram (see the left diagram in the attached picture) has a timelike boundary ##r=0##. A spacetime with a timelike boundary (another example is AdS) has a different causal structure than a spacetime without a...
  17. N

    Feynman diagram for ##\mu^+\mu^-## production in ##p\bar{p}## reaction

    I was able to solve b) but I am confused for a). I understand that in the proton-antiproton collision, only two quarks (one from proton and other from anti-proton) can be combined to get a virtual photon that in turn creates muon and anti-muon. I don't understand what would happen to the other...
  18. Grizzly_1

    B Confusing diagram of a rotating coil in a magnetic field

    Hello all, I am currently studying for a physics a-level qualification in the UK, I use the AQA specification and I am having trouble understanding this image representing a scenario I found in my textbook. The first image in the three part diagram shows this rotating coil and to me, it makes...
  19. Graham87

    Radiation Physics - Decay Diagram

    In the solution below it says 22% goes to 0.0309keV. From the diagram above I interpret 22% goes to 0.1298keV with EC(L)/EC(K)=3.0 and not 4.4. Why is that wrong ? Thanks alot!
  20. MatinSAR

    Question's Diagram: Am I Right?

    Hello. This is question's diagram. Can someone tell me if I am wrong ?
  21. U

    How to Calculate the Complex Op Amp in Circuit Diagram

    TL;DR Summary: How to calculate the operational amplifiers in the circuit diagram Hello Everyone, I am trying to learn the circuit diagram of one of a device in which I will be doing modifications as a part of my Masters's Research to make it performance better. My background is in Mechanical...
  22. YehiaMedhat

    Engineering Is My Free Body Diagram for a Frame Accurate?

    can you check if I sketched it correctly? And please if you know any good resources refrence it.
  23. H

    PV diagram, ranking heat transfer between 4 processes

    Apologies, made a mistake when posting. Please see below post.
  24. shivajikobardan

    Comp Sci How to Correctly Model Captains and Players in an NHL ER Diagram?

    Suppose you are given the following requirements for a simple database for the National Hockey League (NHL): 1) the NHL has many teams, 2) each team has a name, a city, a coach, a captain, and a set of players. 3) each player belongs to only one team, 4) each player has a name, a position...
  25. P

    Which Feynman diagram or diagrams include feasible processes?

    Hello friends. I couldn't do it. Which Feynman diagram or diagrams has include feasible process?
  26. N

    Is my Feynman diagram for production of ##W^-## boson correct?

    I think ##X## appears to be ##\pi^{+}## because it is light and energetically more favourable. Pion should be positive to ensure charge conservation. I am stuck at drawing a Feynman diagram for $$p+\bar{p} \to W^- + \pi^+$$. Is this correct? Is this the leading order diagram or is there a...
  27. LCSphysicist

    I Can Curves Live Out of Embedding Diagrams?

    The embedding diagram is well known for its qualitative representation of how the stress energy tensor curve the spacetime. We can construct a map from a general spherical metric to a cylindrical metric if we want to construct such diagrams. Now, my confusion is if there exist curves out of the...
  28. A

    A How to Plot the Light Path in a Space-Time Diagram Using Python?

    I am trying to replicate the space time plot (the 2nd plot with Proper distance vs Time) as in this thread: space-time I wrote everything in python using the astropy cosmology package. Everything went smooth, but I am stuck at plotting the light path on the 'purple path', as per the above...
  29. Grinkle

    Schematic capture / wiring diagram software

    It has been many years since I was an Orcad expert - way back in the DOS epoch. Once my job functions changed from design to other-than-design, I stopped using such software. I now have a need to do some design and some architectural level hook-up planning and I'm looking for free software to...
  30. varocketry

    Request a Diagram or Explanation to wire 220v-50/60hz UK 3-wire device

    Planning a kitchen renovation. We've found a SIEMENS iQ700 glass downdraft extractor [model LD98WMM60B] that we'd love to use. It, of course, is only available in EUROPE. EAN code : 4242003907122 Connection rating : 300 W Fuse protection : 10 A Voltage : 220-240 V Frequency : 50; 60 Hz Plug...
  31. S

    Correct vector diagram of forces

    The answer is (B) but I don't understand why (C) is wrong. The force acting on the hinge has two components, horizontal and vertical. The horizontal component must be to the right to balance the horizontal component of tension but the vertical component can be either upwards or downwards. Wow to...
  32. person123

    Where can I find a PVT table for water for a 3-D webapp?

    I'm looking to create a little webapp where the user can see the 3-D PVT phase diagram, giving the user functionality like orbiting the surface and moving a point along the surface. (I attached an image of the surface I'm referring to). To do that, though, I would need the data defining the PVT...
  33. R

    Help Needed: Diagram Depicting Two Answers

    Hi , I asked in the general forum and it was suggested to ask this here, hoping someone can help. I made this diagram to depict the two answers, I'm looking for. Answer B is dependent on answer A. Thanks so any that can help :)
  34. Dan78

    Engineering Boolean expression for ladder diagram

    Hi, I wonder if I am on the right way """""""""""""""""""""""""""______"""______ F = X000 . ( M1 + ( M2 . X002 ) . X003
  35. S

    I Why am I getting the wrong conclusion from my spacetime diagram?

    On my diagram, a person is traveling in a spaceship to the right in red, which is displayed as a Minkowski diagram . At the origin (0,0) the person traveling travels by a stationary person. And the 2 blue lines are the worldlines of two blue stationary rocks. But when I try to figure out what...
  36. A

    Engineering How do I draw the Bode diagram of this transfer function?

    Hello! I have this filter here a) Calculate the transfer function T(Ω) = Ua/Ue using voltage dividers.For this, use the normalized angular frequency Ω = ωRC and bring the result into the form ##T(Ω) = \frac{A+jB}{C+jD} ## . The result must not contain any double fractions. I was able to that...
  37. P

    MATLAB Phasor diagram - how to check angle in matlab?

    I have a problem with checking angle in phasor diagram. I print my phasor diagram and I don't know how to check angle in window. Have somebody any idea how to search that? Maybe it is not possible and I need to add function in my MATLAB code to get result.
  38. N

    Pourbaix diagram and current voltage curve

    I have a chemistry project and my research question roughly translates to: What is the effect of the different metals electrolytic nature on iron corrosion? (In french: Quel est l’effet de la nature électrolytique de différents métaux (cuivre, aluminium, magnésium) sur la corrosion humide du...
  39. S

    Vector Diagram of Impulse: Is My Drawing Correct?

    I think all the options are wrong. Since I = Δp = m1v1' - m1v1, I draw it like this: Is my drawing wrong? Thanks
  40. D

    Dispersion diagram of light source seen through prism

    I know that red light has a lower index of refraction than blue light, but that’s not what I’m seeing. The blue light is where the red light should be. I can’t afford to join CHEGG. Any chance that someone would help me out for free? I’d really appreciate it. [Link to chegg removed by the Mentors]
  41. A

    Audio/Video Please help, require schematic diagram of power amplifier ROYAL L1200

    Hi to all much appreciation for you all,please is there anyone who can help me the schematic diagram of power amplifier ROYAL L1200
  42. Spotify

    Net Force of A: Diagram Analysis

    Find the net force of A as shown in the diagram.
  43. T

    Chemistry Cleland Diagram & Binding Order from Lineweaver Burke Plots

    I am mostly focused on parts (b) and (d), which I typed out. For (b), I can tell the first pair of graphs is a sequential reaction (when Cysteine is saturated), but it appears ping-pong for the others because the slopes are roughly parallel. I know sequential has to reactants binding (so I...
  44. F

    I Gamma - A Minkowski Spacetime Diagram Generator

    Gamma is a Minkowski spacetime diagram generator. I probably started this project in August and have been working on it almost full-time since. It will be a free, open-source application. The program can draw all the usual things: axes, grids events, and worldlines, etc. It's easy to create...
  45. sysprog

    B Question about a simple free body diagram

    In this diagram, if the system begins by being held static, and then at time ##T## release of all components occurs, at all times ##>T##, until vertical movement stops upon vertical block ##m## making contact with the Normal Force at the base of block ##M##, will the lateral acceleration of...
  46. theittsco

    A Renormalization with hard cutoff of a loop diagram with single vertex

    Trying to solve for the loop contribution when renormalizing a one loop ##\frac{\lambda}{4!}\phi^4## diagram with two external lines in ##d=4## dimensions. After writing down the Feynman rule I see that: $$\frac{(-i\lambda)}{2}\int d^4q \frac{i}{q^2-m_{\phi}^2+i\epsilon} $$ But I see no way to...
  47. Trysse

    I Michelson & Morley in Space-Time Diagram: Can't Make it Work

    I have tried to draw a simplified diagram depicting the original Michelson experiment. I am only looking at the paths from the beam splitter to the mirrors at the end of the arms and back, Below, you can see the following: A space-time diagram with two space axes (x andy) and one time axis...
  48. P

    B Confused about force body diagram for 2 body collision

    I'm trying to understand Newton's third law in the context of collisions. Assume that one body has mass M kg and is traveling in the positive x direction with acceleration A m/s^2. Assume that the second body has mass m kg and is traveling in the negative x direction with acceleration a m/s^2...
  49. G

    I Exploring the Feynman Diagram of γ+γ→γ+γ: What Does It Reveal?

    If you have γ+γ→γ+γ what would the Feynman diagram look like (time-ordering implied). I think it will be a square with four photons on each vertex but is this all there is to it or am I missing something?