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Hello all, how can i detect wool and linen in dress?

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    I need to detect wool and linen on the same dress,
    i dont want to cut peace of the dress and check it,
    and i have to check a lot of dresses in a short time.

    please help me :confused:
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    There might be some kind of chemical test you could do...
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    How accurate do you need to be? Do you just want to confirm that the dress contains either linen or wool, or do you need precise percentages? Are there any other fibers in the cloth? Is it a wool/linen blend? (such a blend is relatively unusual, but not unheard of).

    The classic and easy, test is a burn test, but as you say, you don't want to cut the dress.

    I can't think of any quantitative easy non-destructive tests. I can look & touch some fabric and say "yes, this contains wool", or "this is a wool blend" or the like, but that's from experience, and isn't quantitative.
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    spectroscopy can do it?

    I just need to confirm that there is no wool and no linen together at all,
    wool alone is o.k. linen alone is o.k. all other is o.k.

    chimical test is not so good because i dont want to cut pieces of each part of the dress

    i heard that maybe raman sprctroscopy or ft-ir can do it, can they do it?
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