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Hello is a salutation or greeting in the English language. It is first attested in writing from 1826.

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  1. Dan137

    How Does Joining a New Community Feel?

    I'm glad to join this community.:blushing:
  2. jzz

    Why Do Physics Forums Use a Structured Approach in Study?

    I like the structured approach PF uses in the explanation and study of physics.
  3. Precious Adegbite

    Who Just Joined PF Named Precious?

    Hello just joined Name's precious
  4. riballoon

    What is the Role of Non-Scientists in the Scientific Community?

    Hello everyone, I am a layman who basically cannot do math, yet am inexplicably drawn to physics and chemistry, so here I am to learn and ask questions, mostly! I don't know what else to say but nice to meet you all!
  5. samy4408

    Medical Hello, I found a weird sentence in a book about enzymes....

    Hello ! We all now that enzymes lower the activation energy by creating both covalent bonds and week non covalent bonds , in this book , about how the enzyme lower the activation energy using covalent bonds they said : this sentence is not compatible with a basic principle that i learned in...
  6. ergospherical

    Hello there (Kenobi photos/trailer)

    These are the photos you're looking for! The first proper batch of photos from the soon-to-be-released Kenobi series have arrived. Here are a few: In this one he's perched on a bit of high ground inside an eerie-looking cave. Could he speaking to the ghost of Qui-Gon Jinn (out of frame)...
  7. Iwanttolearnphysics

    I'm learning Physics a little late

    Hi everyone, I'm in my 30s and I realized through reading that I'm interested in Physics. I grew up poor, so I went to a poorly funded school. Surprisingly, I didn't learn much because my teachers were too stressed out managing a bunch of rowdy kids (/s). Anyway, I didn't learn much physics, or...
  8. L

    What is the current understanding of Freud's theories in modern psychology?

    Hi everyone! I’ve just discovered Freud‘s theory's, how fascinating! I was searching the web for information on narcissism and stumbled across this. I’ve got a lot of issues from my childhood and have had little help from the mental health sector, not for the lack of trying. I truly believe we...
  9. Bix

    Hello - basic incline mass and energy question, thanks :)

    Hello. Be v grateful any assistance with this. Question is energy to haul 2000kg 4 metres up a 1 in 100 incline with 300 Newtons friction Answer is given as exactly 1.98 kJ. The only figures I can see that relate to anything here are 2000kg minus 10 = 1980, and 1:100 is 0.01 which times...
  10. kirithika

    What can I learn as a curious scientist on this webpage?

  11. R

    What is Penrose's Conformal Cyclic Cosmology and its impact on modern physics?

    Hi All, Rufus here from the UK. Dud my PhD in Relativity Theory and interested in all things physics. Currently Penroses Conformal Cyclic Cosmology is favour of the month, and likely to remain there for a very long time. Also like astronomy and radio communications. I look forward to some...
  12. ThisTimeTomorrow

    The strangest intro you'll ever read....

    Hello all, Here's the deal. It's weird, but it's true. I will swear on "The Precious" if necessary. (gratuitous Ring reference) Due to the unique circumstances surrounding my life, I have lived in a major depressive with borderline personality traits state for the better part of 40 years...
  13. S

    MHB Hello i would like some help with laplace transforms.

    hello if someone could please tell me if i am incorrect and where , and how to type it into a math program so it can understand it many thanks stephan2124 L -3e^{9t}+9 sin(9t) L-3e^{9t}+L 9 sin (9t) -3 Le^{9t}+9 L sin(9t) -3 (1/s-9) +9 (9/(s^2+9^2)) -3 (1/s-9) +9 (9/(s^2+81)) into a math...
  14. rdchin71

    I Exploring Fishing Rod Weight and Casting Distance: A Newbie's Question

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I have a question, hope I'll find some answers here. My question is - if there are 2 fishing rod, one lighter (physical weight) than the other. Will the lighter fishing rod cast a lure/bait further than the heavier fishing rod, assuming the rod length...
  15. weningth

    Exploring the Frontiers of Theoretical Physics: A Greeting from DESY Hamburg

    Dear all, I am new to this forum and I am looking forward to having revealing discussions with you on here. My name is Thomas, I am 25 years old and currently writing my master thesis 'Parton Density Functions for Heavy Gauge Bosons and the Higgs' at DESY Hamburg. My field of interest is...
  16. B

    Exploring the Basics: Quantum Physics and Mathematics for Beginners

    Yahallo~ Call me Tasukaki :w. I'm a high schooler that is fascinated by Quantum Physics and Mathematics.UwU Although I'm probably a Novice in these subjects compared to a Master, I'll be looking forward to asking the community tons of questions :D. See you around~~
  17. RamSkull

    Can Curiosity Lead to Scientific Discoveries?

    Hello everyone! My name's Maxi and I'm a 16 years old high school student from Argentina. My dream is to become an aerospace engineer someday. Currently I'm researching for a science fair held by The Pierre Auger Observatory, which means I'll be around this amazing site asking some silly...
  18. Harperchisari

    High School Student Harper Chisari: A Passion for Physics and Robotics

    Hi, I’m Harper Chisari, a high school student from Pennsylvania. Officially, Ⅰ have only finished Electricity and Magnetism and Mechanics (at a high school level) and Multivariable Calculus, but Ⅰ have also studied Linear Algebea and Differential Equations through edx, as well as Intro to...
  19. C

    Welcome to the PF Community to Exploring the World of Physics

    Hello, Definitely excited to be apart of this community. I hope to broaden my understanding of physics - both from the questions of the inquisitive and the answers the bold believe to hold true.
  20. Gazing at the Stars

    What resources can I find on Physics Forums to enhance my learning?

    Hello! I'm an aspiring physicist who came here to learn more about this wonderful area of study. I'm so happy to be here! :)
  21. R

    Unexpected error while running hello world code on vs studio

    Homework Statement : [/B]Write a C program to print hello world 2. The attempt at a solution: I am completely new to programming. I am learning C at present. In my college, we use linux. Since my pc has windows installed so I am using cygwin terminal to use linux commands from windows. I am...
  22. S

    Hello I am looking to find previous lecture notes

    Hello! I am student studying physics and am trying to find old lecture course notes. I'm not sure where is best place on this site to post such request. Me and 2 friends were using course notes of Leo Radzihovsky course 7240 "Advanced Statistical mechanics" from fall 2017 (Colorado University...
  23. M

    Hello, can somebody check my transistor amplifier schematic?

    Hi, can somebody tell me how to connect some component in this picture, i draw it but is not working because i have no bfg520 transistor, look this picture maybe i make mistake
  24. M

    Hello, I with this circuit, an RF oscillator

    Hello, Can somebody help, to understand the transistor, what does do 390pF and C(tune), and 4,3µH, they form tank circiuits? and also resistor 1K and capacitor .1, is possible somebody with little words to descirbe how it works please... Thanks.
  25. Stuck In a Loop

    What is the best way to get help with quantum physics on this forum?

    Hello there. In all honesty I am college dropout, but have had a bit of an obsession with quantum physics for the last year or so. I look forward to learning from everyone and maybe sharing what I understand of the basics and see what I need to learn.
  26. Luke Coughlin

    Tips for Pursuing a Career in Astrophysics

    Hello everyone, I began using this for help with some concept homework questions for my physics 1 course. I dream of getting a PhD someday and focussing on astrophysics. I would want to work near the west coast so I could take advantage of their clear night sky. I'm only about 60 credits into my...
  27. T

    Is Saying Hello Good for Your Mental Health?

    Happy Friday Everybody! I just wanted to stop by and say hello to everyone! Thank you for having me... Have a nice weekend! Dan (TAP3X)
  28. JorgeM

    What can I learn from other physicists around the world?

    Hi there! My name is Jorge. I am studying physics, and I have used this forum many times. I really like this kind of group all with the same area or interested in similar things. I hope we will exchange information about physics and all its areas. I joined here to learn more and to know people...
  29. L

    What Can You Expect as a First-Year IT Student in South Africa?

    Hi there. I am a South African student studying a degree in IT. I am 18 years old and this is my first year out of high school
  30. M

    Hello, ferrite rod coupling inductor, I dont understand

    hi to everybody, can somebody tell me, ferrit rod coils, is a transformer? if yes how do you calculate? what is the formula how you select the coupling inductor L2 or L3... because like i read the maing inductor must connect to capacitor(for frequency to find min and max i understand) but...
  31. fer344

    Exploring the Science of Greetings: A Warm Welcome from Spain

    Hello guys! just arrive here and want to say hello :)
  32. Ricardo Ferreira

    How Can Mechanical Engineers Improve Industrial Thermal Equipment?

    Hello guys, Im from Portugal, 24 years old. Im new here, i just got my first job.(Mechanical Engineering) Im working with thermal development. Upgrading thermal equipments, like industrial furnances, kilns, dryers etc... I hope we can help each others :) Regards, Ricardo Ferreira
  33. N

    Hello PF This is my first post

    I promised myself that I'd make an attempt at networking within the STEM community this year, and this seemed like a good place to start. My current retail job will be participating in a relatively large event for a tech company, and my incredibly supportive boss thinks that this would be a...
  34. M

    Hello, how can I replace a variable capacitor with a varicap

    hello, can somebody help me? i found this am receiver, but is using variable capacitor, how can i replace of do with varicap this circuits(i hava varicap bb112)
  35. Rin

    Exploring Mathematics: A Hobby and Challenge for the Curious Mind?

    Hello, I'm just an undergraduate student in their final year at university. I've never been good at mathematics so I want to pursue it as a hobby and a challenge to myself, starting from the basics! I have a few questions of my own floating in my head so you'll definitely see me sticking...
  36. Michael Nelo

    Exploring Simple Science: A Non-Native English Speaker's Journey into Physics

    So... by the title I most say thay if I were to read this I'd think "This kid got lost", and I thought so too, but recently I've been having a lot of interest relating to simple science, but with a different focus (for example, parabolical movement, but applied with friction force, and how to...
  37. Thinkaholic

    Other Maximizing Efficiency in Textbook Learning: Tips for High School Students

    Hi. So I’ve been teaching myself mathematics and physics, and over the past year I’ve been buying various textbooks. I’m currently reading Stewart’s “Calculus” (6th edition), “Elements of Set Theory” by Enderton, and “Number Systems and the Foundations of Analysis” by Mendelson, and I’ve been...
  38. Hydrous Caperilla

    What are the benefits of playing sports for high school students?

    Hi! I am a new member who just joined here.I am high school student and I like to play football and table tennis.
  39. A

    Exploring Physics Discussions: A Welcome to PF!

    Hello everyone, I am a regular college student currently pursuing my Masters in Physics. I don't know how this forum works though? What the forum rules are etc.? I read something about the "No homework questions please" rule. Well, that's a bummer. (jk I hope we are allowed to make jokes?) I...
  40. C

    Hi here's my physics back story

    At School physics was perhaps my least favourite subject because it has quite a strong link to maths and I was bad at maths and couldn't get my head around it. Maths was my second least favourite because it mainly concerned itself with either pure numbers or someone called Billy wanting to know...
  41. M

    Replacing Audio Transformers in Radio Receivers

    hello can somebody help me, what can i use in place of audio transformer because i was in electronics shop the man he told they don't use anymore audio transformer in radio receiver what to use in place of audio transformer?thnx
  42. G

    What interesting topics can I explore in Mechanical Engineering and Robotics?

    Hello! I'm a student pursuing studies in Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, and anything else interesting. I have a knack for computer science and love a good problem to solve. I'll be posting questions about projects, homework, and sometimes just random inquiry for knowledge's sake.
  43. S

    What are some resources for high school students interested in physics?

    I am joining this forum to expand my knowledge on my favorite subject being physics. I may not be veyr active but if I have questions about homework or curiosity in general, I'll post here and hope for a response. Thanks
  44. Aireve

    What is the Measure of Spring in a System with a Roller?

    I'm Wiktoria, I come from Poland. I've created accounts here solely because I'm trying to get better mark and i have to solve a few extra problems. One of them comes from academic curriculum and I don't know how to do it. You can imagine how desperate I'm to create account this site even though...
  45. M

    Hello everyone, can somebody with cascode amplifier

    Hello evervone can somebody help me, to calculate the cascade amplifier, if somebody can tell me the formula? of to explain me? i am reading the book "electronics devices circuit and theory" page 201-202 i don't know how come the value 2.50v, 1.25v, 1,87v see the photo down...
  46. Ahmad Esber

    What Curious Questions Do You Have About Physics?

    Hello astronomers and physicists! My name is Ahmad. I'm Lebanese studying in Dubai, majoring in aeronautical engineering. I'm usually very curious about everything concerning physics, and not only aeronautics. So expect questions concerning various areas of physics. I'm also sometimes Mr...
  47. S

    What are some common physics questions and where can I find answers?

    Hi everyone. I'm Sam, I am not a scientist. I build machines for fun and often find myself wishing I had paid more attention at university. So I guess I might be asking a few questions. Hopefully some of you might be able to spare a few minutes to point me in the direction with a couple of...