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Hello everyone this is my first post on PhysicsForums

  1. Feb 21, 2012 #1
    Hello everyone this is my first post on PhysicsForums

    I am in my second year of electronic systems engineering degree and I have to choose a final year project. I am really enjoying the modules on RF engineering and electromagnetics, especially electromagnetics is just too interesting

    I have chosen the engineering discipline of my final year project to be RF/electromagnetic/Photonics. My university is actively involved with CERN, so one of the project applications is in particle accelerators. However, I can choose a project application in communication as well!

    Could you please suggest me some project ideas for my final year. I really like maths a lot (calculus, vectors, complex number) and I am comfortable with visualizing it. it would be nice if you could recommend a 'mathematical project' idea!

    Thank you.
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