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Hello, I am Nick, a high school student

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    As per the title - my name is Nick. I am soon to enter my senior year of high school. I come here partly due to recommendation of my teacher. This year, my plan is to participate in my city's annual science and engineering competition, which is connected to the Intel International competition. With that said, my idea for a project is something my teacher is unable to help me with.

    My interests lie within quantum cosmology, supersymmetry and black holes. I consider my idea for a project to be within these fields. I myself am a novice, of course, and my teacher's doctorate is in electrical engineering. For the past year, I have been working with a proposal in quantum cosmology from a group at UCambridge. Over the past year, I have taught myself a decent amount in both relativity and quantum mechanics. I know how to derive observable quantum mechanical operators from a wave function; I am aware of how to normalize wave functions; I can make connections between four-vector spacetime derivatives and the total energy of a quantum system; I am aware of how to solve the Wheeler-Dewitt equation using first-order and second-order partial derivatives; in addition, I know how to incorporate decay constants in a given wave function and relate this to the total energy of a quantum system via the simple Schrodinger equation. I am currently incorporating this knowledge in a proposal of mine. At the moment, I am focusing on particle symmetry as I am describing a specific decay of a hypothetical particle.

    The reason I tell you this is to give a background of my familiarity. I recently completed an introductory physics course at the undergraduate level that incorporates Newtonian mechanics, DC circuitry, magnetism, optics, electricity, and wave propagation. I did pass the course, but my two passions are quantum mechanics and calculus. I am hoping at some point this community can provide some advice or point me in the proper direction for my project. I hope to post more at some point where I can find experts in my respective interests. I am looking forward to speaking with all of you and hearing some insightful opinions eventually. Glad to meet you.

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    Welcome to the PF, Nick.

    Nice introduction post! It's good to know what your background and interests are. And the Intel ISEF competition is top-notch, IMO. I've had the pleasure of checking out a couple of their local exhibitions in San Jose, California, and was very impressed with the breadth and depth of the projects presented by folks your age.

    I'd recommend starting out posting about your project in the Homework Help, Intro Physics forum. Since it is schoolwork-type work, it's best to use the HH forums for the posts. If the work is advanced enough, we can move your thread(s) to a technical forum when appropriate.

    Enjoy the PF! :smile:
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