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New England was an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the then colony of New South Wales.
Initially created in 1859 in the New England region of northern New South Wales, it partly replaced the Electoral district of New England and Macleay.
Originally electing one member, New England elected two members from 1880 to 1891 and three members from 1891 to 1894. With the introduction of single-member electorates in 1894, New England was replaced by Armidale, Uralla-Walcha and Bingara.

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  1. anim3t1ddy


    hi im rel, I am a undergrad studying physics and I really wanted to immerse myself more in a community that liked the same things I liked so here I am. I hope I am able to meet great people and maybe learn a thing or two and maybe even discover what I want to specialize in for graduate school...
  2. oshanfox

    Can Aspiring Physicists Like Oshanfox Impact Nuclear Fusion Innovation?

    Good afternoon, I am oshanfox, a new member of PF and an aspiring physicist. I really love learning about physics but I am super dumb so I hope I am able to learn a thing or two from this community so please take care of me. I love Steins;Gate and the overall idea of becoming a scientist. I...
  3. Th_Kramer

    Hello! I'm a new member of this forum!

    Eu tinha visitado outro site, mas eles tinham regras contra questões não relacionadas à física convencional ou questões um tanto tangenciais. Acabei visitando este site esperando uma segunda chance com minhas investigações de física. Espero que tudo corra bem. I had visited another site, but...
  4. B

    What Are the Challenges of Creating a Perpetual Motion Machine?

    Good morning everyone, I am Bhagesh. I had just completed BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) few months ago. I like learning whatever I get interested in and that becomes my hobbies. My hobbies are game programing, 3d animation, and sometimes working on or experimenting with electronics...
  5. T

    Physics by near-death experience

    I retired about ten years ago and started taking Free classes in math and physics at the local University. Then suddenly, I had heart problems. So had open heart surgery, coded twice and had a heart attack. It seemed pretty bleak while I couldn't remember things like who was President and how to...
  6. S

    What is the role of Plank Coefficient in radio station frequencies?

    I'm a software developer with silly questions about physics and engineering, real head-scratchers. One of them was, "Why don't radio stations use their Plank Coefficient instead of their frequency?" but figured out why that was a dumb question so asked a different one. I try to ask silly...
  7. OlegKmechak

    Who is Oleg, the physicist and programmer from Sokal?

    Hello all, I grow up in Sokal(western Ukraine), and in age of 10 year my step father told me story about atoms construction. Back there it sounded very surreallistic and interesting. After many years.. I have behind me university in Lviv(theoretical physics) and Computational Physics in...
  8. Condereal

    What is absorbed dose due to protons in a tissue equivalent phantom?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. I've read a really interesting post about the Photoelectric effect the other day, and I thought that maybe some cool and discussions can be carried out here.
  9. J

    Exploring Structural Acoustics and Vibration Analysis: A Student's Journey

    I am a third year chemistry student but I'm really good a physics and I like to help people and solve problems so I thought this might be fun. Lately I've been interested in structural acoustics and vibration analysis but right now that's sort of just a hobby. I used to work for Norsk Hydro in a...
  10. ArcHorizon

    Hello Archorizon here (New Member)

    I'm a high school 2nd grade. I'm taking Physics and computer science as my Science subjects. I thought I might need to get some help with Physics and maybe help others with physics. I wish to stay in this forum for as long as I can be :D Thank you!
  11. Q

    New member interested in Quantum Physics

    Hey all! I'm Alexander, after all of the exposure quantum physics is getting in these Marvel movies I decided to study up and I must say Quantum Physics just doesn't set well with me. I'm very interested in what has been made capable due to the math involved with quantum physics. I have a large...
  12. G

    What is the connection between particle physics, jazz, and coffee?

    Hello World! I'm Giovani "Gio" Leone , an undergraduate physics student at UNC-Chapel Hill. I'm looking to study particle physics and also love JAZZ. I think that they pair well together, especially with some coffee.
  13. M

    [generic intro title here]

    Somewhere out there, a network theorist probably has a lovely paper on how my joining this forum is a manifestation of how the logical degrees of separation between myself and a bit of info I require expand/contract on a timed constant. I'm currently working on an undergrad-level report for...
  14. C

    What is the purpose of this online community?

    It wasn't compulsary but i'd like to formally do this for (clearly) no reason. I have no idea about the rest of you but I am just here to learn 'n help out if I can. So, here I go. Heeeeeeeeeeelloooooooooo! phew. There we go. Anyways, here to help when needed...
  15. A

    Fall Foliage Update for UOIT: Have the Leaves Changed Yet?

    Hey everyone, my name is Arooba. I am a first year life science student at UOIT. :)
  16. B

    Need help with physics? Join our community for expert assistance!

    Hi . I am a student and in love with physics as with numbers but I face quite the challenge when interacting with them .. hope to find help here .
  17. M

    What is the Role of Hydrodynamics in Impact Forces and Surface Tension?

    Hi, I'm Michael. Live in England and am doing my GCSEs this coming academic year, quite interested in hydrodynamics and impact forces resulting in surface tension and deceleration due to drag and buoyancy. Thanks for reading :)
  18. I

    What Can You Learn from a Theoretical Physics Undergraduate Project?

    Hi, I'm a new member here. I'm studying theoretical physics in Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia, as an undergraduate student, and currently doing my final project. Nice to meet you all!
  19. H

    Struggling with Electrical Engineering? Join Our Community for Expert Help!

    Hello i am currently studying for a HNC in Electrical engineering while in full time work. I am hoping some nice people on here will be able to help when i get a bit confused. Maybe in time i will be able to help others who are in my position now!
  20. Kiwimaster76

    Kiwimaster76: Seeking Expert Insight for Realistic Science in Writing

    I'm a Biomedical Engineering major with a love of writing, slime molds, and, you guessed it from the name, kiwis (the birds). I'm here to get information from people much smarter than me about how advanced tech and science should work in a book I'm writing. I'm interested in making the science...
  21. S

    What can high school students learn about astrophysics on PF?

    hi! I'm a tired and anxious high school student naïvely interested in astrophysics. nice to meet you!
  22. radiant_june

    What are the Benefits of Taking Advanced Science Courses in High School?

    Hello to everyone on PF! I'm in my last year of high school :book:. I am currently taking (and loving) AP Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, and Earth/Space Science :heart:. I really want to pursue engineering or physical/mathematical sciences in university! Thanks for checking this introduction...
  23. mheruian

    What Are the Benefits of Self-Study in Science?

    Hi Guys! :biggrin: Mheruian here, I'm a guy at 20's and had been in an accident, banged my head on something soft and tada! I felt the essence of self-studying. I'm not a smart guy or anything talented when it comes to studying but I've been doing my best to be understanding on studying and...
  24. G

    Introducing Gerald: A New Member of the PF Community

    Hi would like to introduce myself to a great group of thinkers.
  25. H

    What is the Best Way to Prove a Reincarnation Claim?

    Hello, everyone! My name is Hannah Taylor and this is my first time contributing to a forum so bear with me while I figure everything out. In the meantime let me share a few facts about myself with all of you.. I was born and raised in a small village called Cowden, we have about 650 people &...
  26. S

    Hello World

    I'm a senior year undergraduate majoring in Physics, Math and CS. I've finished my physics degree and I'm spending my last semester finishing the other two. I'm also applying to graduate school this fall - hopefully to do some work on nonlinear dynamics, computational physics or cosmology...
  27. Peter Alexander

    What are the benefits of joining a scientific forum as a student?

    Hi everyone! I don't really know how to introduce myself, but I guess I should be honest. I'm a student of electrical engineering, physics and mathematics enthusiast (kind of fits the profession, I guess). As an undergraduate, I'm still searching for my true orientation, but I'm almost certain...
  28. B

    My new member introduction (trigger warning: mathematician)

    Hello. I just signed up, so here is my introduction. I'm a senior undergraduate mathematics student from Australia. In fact, I have finished all of my core mathematics units and have one year of 'other' subjects to go. I'm currently studying classical mechanics out of Vladimir Arnold's...
  29. M

    IB Physics Help and Support Group

    Hey guys, My name is Millur and I am in grade 11 in Australia. I am undertaking the IB course and am taking high level physics as a subject. I hope to assist and receive assistance from the fellow members of this group. Millur
  30. K

    What sparked my love for physics and my journey into the field?

    I am technically a new member to this website, because I had an account a while back, but have lost the information for the account. I am a science enthusiast that has always been found of physics. Currently I am doing the physics track at the local college. I'm not really sure on what else I...
  31. D

    What is the connection between wavelength and crustal structure?

    I'm no PhD but have strong interest in anything that keeps me up at night thinking. I'm everywhere on the interests spectrum. Found your forum via internet search that found RJLiberator post here...
  32. A

    What sparked a scientist's interest in biosciences and beyond?

    Hi, I got my degrees in Biology, Math and genetics as preparation for going into medical school decades ago, then I switched to law school. I've still retained my nerdy interest in many areas of science, and am happy to find this forum! Can't wait to delve further into biosciences, especially...
  33. R

    How Does the World Work? Join the Physics Forum for Answers!

    Greetings everyone ! I'm just curious how world works. Everytime I'm looking for information that is related to physics, I'm always redirected to this forum. I've been reading this forum for a while now, so finally I joined.
  34. B

    New Member Introduction: BBA Biochemistry

    Hello I am a student majoring in Business Management and Biochemistry. I don't have much Physics background, but I'm doing alright in physics so far, though the occasionally problem does stump me. I'm hoping I can help answer some basic physics problems here and get some of my questions answered!
  35. E

    Hello, I'm new here to introduce myself

    Hello, everyone! I'm new here and would love some help for future questions. I'm a physics student and hobbyist.
  36. LippyKa16

    What is PhysicsForums and How Can It Help Me as a Scientist?

    Hi, I've just joined PhysicsForums and I am just trying this out. Thanks for reading.
  37. Bill McGrath

    Hi Metal sculptor wanting to learn

    I've become a metal sculptor, getting more serious in retirement from a career in law and government. It's exciting to get back into, first geometry of shapes and the physics of welding. Now I am doing a few larger pieces and currently a kinetic piece so I find myself reading a lot about...
  38. N

    Salutations physics world, I am Derek.

    I am currently a high school senior, but I will be a fully enrolled college student soon. I plan to major in engineering and considering getting a Ph.D. in physics or robotics one day. I have a passion for all things STEM-related for as I remember. However I recently just decided I wanted to do...
  39. J

    What is Fire Protection Engineering?

    I'm a father to my four children (ages 11, 8, 2 1/2, & 9 mos.). I do fire protection engineering and FP systems design for Harvey and Associates, Inc. (my father's company).
  40. E

    Photodissociation in relation to "Absorption cross section"

    Dear Forum: I am a new member, a geochemist. Physics is not my strength and so I am hoping to be able to find help for physics questions that puzzle me as I work in geochemistry. Its exciting and reassuring to think that there are so many knowledgeable physicists at the other end of this thread.
  41. Lafith

    What is the Excitement of Being a New Member in the Science Community?

    Hey everyone, My name is Lafith,from India.(yes! From C V Raman's country!).its great and exciting to be here.
  42. G

    Overcoming Physics Challenges as a Freshman Computer Science Student

    Hi, I'm Amir, I'm a freshman who is studying computer science and has a hard time with physics haha. I never took a physics class in high school (I was an IB student who took AP Bio then took IB Chem) so this is all new to me so forgive me if I ask stupid questions.
  43. G

    What are the effects of sun exposure on individuals with fair skin?

    Hi my name is Ghosty. I am a freshman in college pursuing a psychology degree. One of my many hobbies is astronomy. I have loved astronomy since I was a little kid in Elementary School.
  44. peroAlex

    Welcome to Our Community: An Electrical Engineering Student's Journey

    Hello everyone! In the past I've found many great answers on this particular site. I'm looking forward to being part of this community!
  45. I

    Is Isaac Rocha Passionate About Chemistry?

    Hello i am Isaac Rocha and i am a new member i love chemistry and other stuff.
  46. M

    What fascinating insights and ideas can I expect from this physics website?

    So happy to have stumbled upon this site! Look forward to some wonderful insight! And some challenging ideas to share and enjoy.
  47. Zeppelin34

    What Are Your Interests in Physics, Math, and Linguistics/Cognitive Science?

    Hi ladies and gentlemen, just introducing myself. I`ve never been on any type of forum site and this will be my first. Hope I'm doing this right :oldsmile:
  48. E

    Greetings New member here

    Hello, I am Ethan Browning and am a new member on Physics Forums. I'm excited to join in discussion and collaboration with like-minded, progress seeking individuals. I have a lot of influences in science, many great thinkers, creators, and scientists I admire are Dr. Michio Kaku, Ray...
  49. Fasso

    What Can You Learn as a Physics Student on This Platform?

    Hello. I'm new here. I'm physics student and I'm here to learn new stuff and maybe make some friends. :)