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Helmotz decomposition definitions.

  1. Mar 11, 2016 #1
    I' m studing the hodge helmotz decomposition of a flow Field, and i have Found different definitions. I'm Not sure to have assigned the rigth meaning to the terms of the decomposition. Look At The picture( i don't write here cose there are several equations).

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    Hello Pigna, :welcome:

    Did you do that too ? I can read approximately 40% of it.

    From the guidelines:

    Do not simply post images of the problem statement or your work.
    While posting images may be convenient for you, it's actually one of the most effective ways of getting your request for help ignored. Images are often too big, too small, rotated, upside down, out of focus, dimly lit, or of otherwise poor quality, and your handwriting probably isn't as easy to read as you think it is. Images are a hindrance to the helpers as portions of the problem statement or your work can't easily be quoted. Using images also doesn't qualify as filling out the homework template, so your post may be deleted.

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    I'm sorry the upload of the image have made its quality Dim. Now i'm using a Phone and is difficult for me to write code lines. I try to upload a pdf version of the pic. Forgive me for the unproper Way i'm posting. The quality should be better.

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