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Help dog chasing a man in matlab

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    I need help???? can anybody help me??? I have to use Matlab. I am giving details of problem.

    -a man starts in some initial location (xm,ym) and moves with a constant speed along the straight line of the predefined angle.
    -a dog starts in another initial location (xd,yd) and moves towards a man with a constant speed in such a way that in each step it moves directly along the line connecting the current positions of a dog and a man
    -the algorithm should terminate after the man’s move, if the distance between the man and the dog allows the dog to catch the man in its next step
    -extra marks will be given if your implementation allows setting not only the initial velocity, but also the accelerations of both man and a dog.
    -the algorithm must output the number of steps in which the dog catches the man.

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    Try to indicate what you need help with.

    You will use a for loop to go through time steps, and each step you will update the position of the dog and the man according to their velocities.
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    I know that but how can I write kods in matlab???
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