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Help finding topic for Independent Research

  1. Aug 31, 2009 #1
    I am a high school senior and am enrolled in an independent study class, but am having a difficult time finding a topic for my research...... Does anyone have any suggestions or links to any sites that could help me find one??
    I plan on studying physics in college and would like to keep it somewhere in that realm of thought
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    Why not look around you and ask "How does THAT work?" and pick something of interest...how are car tires made and what material trade offs are made? How does a microwave oven work and how efficient is it? How does a microwave oven relate to radar...how are they different..how are they alike?

    regarding computers, what is information? how do we store, manipulate and utilize it?? How does the human brain store information? What is the connection between information, entropy and heat? What is heat? What is cold? (Any ONE of these could form the basis of a lifetime career!!)

    How about artificial limbs...what's the latest interface with human biology....this is called biomedical electronics....

    Does the Cash for Clunkers program of the government help or hurt the enrivonment? How can I improve the energy efficiency of my home? Why does a golfball have dimples but airplane wings are smooth??

    Another approach is to look through a popular book, say from Stephen Hawking...or Brian Greene..or Lee Smolin..or Michio Kaku.... read thru it and when you come to something interesting, pick that to study....

    Above all, have fun....
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