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The BID 770 was a British-built electronic cryptography device, codenamed TOPIC. It was also used by Canada's foreign service under the codename TENEC. TOPIC was brought into service in 1977, and became obsolete in 1995.
TOPIC was used to protect telegraph traffic, and replaced the earlier mechanical system called ROCKEX. It could be operated in both on- and off-line modes. Weighing 65 lb, the machine used diode–transistor logic instead of single transistors.

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  1. AndreasC

    What would you memorize if you could?

    What in physics (or some other topic) would you memorize if you could? Yeah I know memorization doesn't usually have a point, just asking, if you could just do it without effort, what would it be? Or maybe you have done it, in which case, what is it?
  2. mcastillo356

    I The Basic Area Problem (introduction to the topic of integrals)

    Hi PF There goes the quote: The Basic Area Problem In this section we are going to consider how to find the area of the region ##R## lying under the graph ##y=f(x)## of a nonnegative-valued, continous function ##f##, above the ##x##-axis and between the vertical lines ##x=a## and ##x=b##, where...
  3. Matthew_p

    B The One-Way Speed of Light: Speculation of a Tired Mind

    I perfectly understand that we cannot, as of our current methods, determine the one-way speed of light - I was, however, wondering if we could determine a relative speed using electrical transmission. the basis of which would be sending a laser light across a field into a sensor, starting a...
  4. bigmike94

    What ONE Physics topic would you choose to study and why?

    If you was restricted to only studying one physics topic for the rest of your life what would it be and why? Don’t overthink it by trying to determine what I mean by topic etc just tell me your favourite subject and why do you like it so much 😃
  5. SaintRodriguez

    Please help me pick a topic for an essay about classical mechanics

    I was wondering if someone can telling me a topic about classical mechanics which I can write an essay. First I thought to write about Legendre transformation, but I guess that is very general. Also, if someone can tell me some tips to write an scientific essay I'll be so glad.
  6. F

    Other Undergraduate thesis topic ideas in medical physics

    I am a junior applied physics major. I am supposed to write my thesis topic proposal but honestly have no idea what to do. I wrote a proposal about using bipolar junction transistors to create a dosimeter but there are already studies on it and honestly, I am not sure about it so I am trying to...
  7. V

    Undergrad Research Topic Ideas Please (Electrical Engineering)

    I'm currently looking for possible innovative research topics or ideas, I'm having a hard time to think of one since everything is getting really advance. Thank you.
  8. potatonecromancer

    What factors affect stopping and directional control in basketball shoes?

    - Change DV to velocity and measure it with motion sensor - create separate table/graph of friction coefficient using velocities and other information
  9. Andreas S-H

    What are some recommendations for a math and physics topic in high school?

    Hello everyone, I am preparing to write an assignment in math and physics. This assignment will be a sort of exam, where I have to defend it at a later date, I can choose whatever topic I like, as long as it contains math and physics. I need to find something to be my thesis statement (i think...
  10. korwynkim

    Intro Physics General introductory physics books compared to specific books on each topic

    What exactly is the difference in the way an general physics book (Halliday and Resnick, Young and Freedman) covers topics like mechanics, EM, and thermodynamics, compared to respective books like Kleppner and Kolenkow, Griffiths, and Schroeder, other than the amount of material covered for each...
  11. H

    Misc. AP Seminar Student Looking For A Topic

    Hellooooooo I am a rising 11th grader that is participating in my school's AP Seminar program. As an aspiring astrophysicist, I wanted to do a research project on some sort of topic in this area. Any ideas? Just to give a background of my knowledge/ the level I am at, I am going into AP calculus...
  12. B

    Find an Interesting Topic in Graph Theory for an Exam

    Hello everybody, I hope it is the right section to post. For an exam, I should delve into a topic concerning graph theory. My work should include theoretical explanation, pseudo code, correctness analysis, complexity analysis and code implementation (C ++, python or other). Could someone...
  13. K

    I Gravitational Waves: Hardest GR Topic?

    Is the subject of gravitational waves the most difficult one to grasp on the theory of Relativity? Or is it just the math that is very complicated?
  14. A

    Old topic, different look, maybe (Money = work/knowledge )

    1. Time is money 2. Knowledge is power 3. Power = Work/time Therefore; Money = work/knowledge "which proves the less you know, the more money you get. " seems like a wrong conclusion shouldn't it be [...] which proves the more you know, the more money you get to keep, instead? I mean, there's...
  15. M

    MHB Topic of presentation: Elementary Geometry vs Fibonacci & its sequences

    Hey! 😊 Between the following two topics: Elementary Geometry Fibonacci and its sequences which would you suggest for a presentation? Could you give me also some ideas what could we the structure of each topic? :unsure:
  16. jk22

    I Mixed topic : from FEM to analytical solution via limits?

    Is this anyhow possible ? The system would be a wave equation modelized by a finite elements basis in space and time. Is there any method to do the limit discretization->continuum with paper and pencil ?
  17. M

    Other How do I choose a topic for the qualifier?

    Hi everyone, I believe this is the right board for this question, but feel free to move the thread if it's not. How do I go about choosing what to study for the qual? This is something that's been on my mind for a while, and now my advisor wants me to send him some ideas for the next few...
  18. K

    What topic in Electromagnetism do students find most difficult?

    Is there a topic in electromagnetism that students usually have most difficult understanding than other areas? I'm having a hard time studying diffraction. It's been the most difficult part.
  19. nikoladjal

    Other Topic for a Master's Degree in theoretical Astrophysics final project

    Hello all, I'm doing a Master's Degree in Theoretical Astrophysics and now I need to decide in which topic I will do my final project and I wanted to ask you what would be the best option. I would like to do something that would make me have some future in the investigational path I choose...
  20. SoulOfSword_

    Astrophysics/Astronomy Extended Essay -- Trying to figure out a research topic

    Homework Statement: Ideas for astrophysics EE Homework Equations: Extended essay Hi Guys! I'm trying to figure out a research topic in astrophysics/astronomy for my IB extended essay. I don't really know what to do, do any of you any ideas, maybe even off the top of your heads? It needs to...
  21. Frigus

    Classical Resnick Halliday Walker -- do they discuss surface tension topic?

    Is surface tension topic present is resnick halliday walker, principles of physics 10th edition,if present then please tell me on which page
  22. R

    Feynman Lectures vol.1 Chapter 4 Topic 4-2GravitationalPotentialEnergy

    Could anyone explain me in simple words what is being said in this topic from this book (great book and author btw)... i don't understand after it starts talking about perpetual motion and lifting and lowering of weights.please explain in simple words. okay someone said to add more details to my...
  23. A

    Quantum Theory Of Semiconductor Quantum Dots + other books on this topic

    Hello, I have two questions into one. First I would like to know what books are considered the best to introduce the theory of quantum dots, so for example with the k.p method, tight-binding, empirical pseudopotentials, and other techniques, analytical derivations, optical properties, band...
  24. J

    Programs PhD Topic Change: Is It Common for Physicists?

    Is it common for physics grads to change the topic of their research focus (staying within physics) while at graduate school?
  25. S

    Testing Which are the physics topic included in GRE classes?

    Which are the physics topic included in GRE classes?
  26. W

    Which Math Topic Should I choose for Research

    I am finishing up my undergraduate degree in Mathematics, for my last semester I need to choose a topic of research with a particular professor. I am interested in applied math, mostly mathematical physics but there are certain fields of math that may not seem like they relate to mathematical...
  27. A

    Studying What are Some Potential Topics for a Master's Thesis in General Relativity?

    Hello, I was wondering if somebody could help me by suggesting a concrete topic in GR for my master's dissertation. My background is from Mathematics, but I have followed first year masters program courses in Theoretical Physics, including one on General Relativity based on Schutz's book...
  28. José Ricardo

    Suggestion Can I Delete My Own Topic on This Website?

    Let's suppose, if I took my doubt about something but I want to delete the topic, I can't. Would be possible this possibility to delete a topic
  29. L

    Under what topic can I ask about optimal control

    Under what topic can I ask about optimal control
  30. S

    Can Theoretical Physics PhDs Thrive in Industry Jobs?

    <Moderator note: Moved from academic guidance to career guidance on Scott92's request. Reason: The question primarily addresses job opportunities in dependence of PhD subject.> Hey everyone, I'm a student who is currently undertaking a Master of Physics (coursework & research) at the...
  31. F

    Looking for feedback on selecting a good topic

    Homework Statement Choose a technology such as MP3 players, laser, medical imaging, or another that interests you (Other than the cell phone). Research the internet and find out how it is related to the physics of light and waves. In approximately 100-150 words, write a paragraph explaining the...
  32. M

    Most effective method to self-learn a new mathematical topic and or concept?

    I am quite sure at least some members here have their own particular way to go about learning a new topic or concept. But, does anyone have any advice for self learning something that is completely new or different without the help from classmates or a teacher about? I am self learning math...
  33. M

    Can somebody tell me what this topic is?

    Homework Statement Could somebody link me to a youtube video explaining this topic, its from an exam paper at me college and I can't find notes on it.It think it has something to do with limits. Many thanks.
  34. Eclair_de_XII

    Courses Is enrolling in a course for next semester wise if the topic....

    of the course is very much related to one of the courses one is taking right now? [Warning: Long post. Skip to the third paragraph for what you need to know.] I ask this partially because I'm beginning to think that it feels like a hassle taking Partial Differential Equations right after...
  35. Marc Samarra

    Need references for magnetic force vs distance/angle topic

    Hi, i'm finishing my final degree project, it's about a new type of pallet conveyor dragged by magnets. I know for a fact that magentic force is inversely proportional to the distance squared, and I've designed and built my prototype with that in mind. Now I'm writing my final report and i need...
  36. E

    Python Optimizing Topic Modeling: Saving and Loading Models for Faster Processing

    Hello, I am running a program that takes relatively long time to read the corpus of some documents, and create the topic model. The code to do this is: from gensim import models, corpora corpus = corpora.BleiCorpus('./data/ap/ap.dat', './data/ap/vocab.txt') #Creating the topic model model =...
  37. S

    Research Topic suggestions for "nanostructured materials for solar energy conversion"

    I have selected a topic for my research work which is "nanostructured materials for solar energy conversion" I have read many of articles, most of which are about Li batteries but I want to do something new. Anyone who's in this field suggests something new.:smile:
  38. G

    Mechanical Engineering Thesis Topic Suggestion

    Hi, I study Applied Mechanics and I'm in the last year of my study. I try to find some interesting topic for my master's thesis that will be at least a little innovative. Topics offered by my university are unfortunately quite usual and "old-fashioned". And I want to do something a little bit...
  39. Eva

    Looking for suggestions regarding a research topic

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for a reasesrch topic that is current in the world. I'd appreciate any suggestions, feedback or advice. It's for undergraduate physics club. Eva
  40. L

    Studying Research topic related to extended bodies on GR

    I'm in a graduate course in Physics to obtain a master's degree. I have a major in mathematical physics and my main interests are General Relativity (GR), Quantum Field Theory on Curved Spacetimes (QFTCS), and usual Quantum Field Theory (QFT) itself. My interest is in the fundamental physics...
  41. E

    Advice on deciding my topic for the Extended Essay

    Hello everyone I hope I am writing in the right place, it is my first time posting on this forum. I am a student at an international school doing the IB education system. As like many of the past posts here, I am extremely stressed about my physics Extended Essay (Basically a 4000 word essay...
  42. Bunny-chan

    Interesting physics topic for a presentation

    Homework Statement HI! I'm in need of some help to come with an interesting physics-related topic for a short, five-minute presentation. We'll be graded by our ability to speak well rather than our physics knowledge, so I want to talk about something simple, straight-to-the-point and not too...
  43. M

    Testing Exploring Top Physics IB IA Topics for Your Internal Assessment

    Hello, I am currently studying Physics HL in the IB Diploma Program, I am getting ready to work on the exploration internal assessment. I was wondering if there are any good topics that I should consider, thanks <3
  44. Illuminatio fit

    Studying Interesting programming project in physics -- ideas requested

    I'm looking for some non-big project related to physics or/and abstract math. It firstly should be a good programming task(since its my programming credit) Bachelor student in theoretical physics. Not bad at C and Python, a bit of C++ and Haskell. Interested in field theory, quantum stuff, diff...
  45. R

    Studying Exploring Physics: Which Topic is Right for Me?

    In today's world, iwant to know which part of physics is the most accurate description of the nature. I know in coming time, i may get interested in some other topic. But toward which topic should I set my foot forward to?
  46. E

    Recommend topic about magnetic confinement in fusion

    Am going to write a scientific report about nuclear fusion related to magnetic confinement in ITER. Please recommend me aspects worth writing and having many materials. Thanks in advance.
  47. L

    Other Graduate Research topic involving QFT and General Relativity

    Last year I finished the undergraduate course in Mathematical Physics. This year, more precisely in March, I'm going to start the graduate course to acquire a master's degree in Physics. Now, for this course I must choose a research topic and find an advisor. This is being a little bit...
  48. M

    Courses Studying a nuclear engineering topic without a teacher?

    Hi, is it hard to study Neutron diffusion / nuclear theory from Introduction og nuclear engineering Lamarsh without a teacher ? , noticing that I will be taking Nuclear theory course on the next semester.
  49. S

    I Discrete Mathematics Function Topic

    I am currently taking a course in discrete mathematics. The literature used is "Discrete Mathematics And Its Applications by Kenneth H. Rosen" 6th ed., or 7th ed. I have encountered most of the topics from that book. I.e. Logic, naive set theory, &c. What I have encountered also is the...
  50. Beliver

    Other Looking for a Research topic at PhD level in mechanical engineering

    Can you help me what can be the science contribution in mechanical engineering in the Research field robotics and automation?