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Help! Marks for university acceptance!

  1. Dec 7, 2014 #1
    Hi guys, I am currently in the "ib program" and my grade 11 mid terms marks are
    I do not think I can bring my chem mark up to an 80% by finals

    This is worrying me so much.. I haven't really tried this first semester and my marks have dropped significantly. I was wondering if I can still get into university with these marks. When I apply for early acceptance do they look at your grade 11 marks?
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    It's not clear to which universities you are trying to get accepted. In the US, in addition to your HS grades, you should have taken one or both of the standardized tests which are used in part to determine admission, either the SAT or the ACT. Colleges use these scores as a guide in admissions because high school curricula vary across the US.
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