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I've done high school twice,which marks to mention in Uni application?

  1. Mar 20, 2014 #1

    im from delhi, india.

    i completed my 12th grade 2 years ago with science subjects and scored 44% overall.

    to improve my marks, i did my 12th grade again by giving 'improvement examinations'

    (improvement examinations are normal 12th grade/high school final exams that take place every year, that anyone who has passed high school already can give next year, but the candidate can choose specific subjects in which he/she wants to give or not give the exams, then when the result comes out, the overall percentage considered for admission in indian universities is of the best marks, that is, for every subject, the better score out of the two mark sheets will be considered, and even if a candidate fails in a subject in the improvement examination even then, the previous, better score will be considered, at least in india.)

    so now im in a dilemma, because even tho i cleared the high school first time but in my improvement examination i happen to fail in physics (but my overall percentage increased from 44% to 55%)

    my improvement exam mark sheet displays the scores but does not say fail or pass, it just says 'appeared for improvement' because officially as per the govt norms im already passed.

    it is up to me what mark sheet i want to use, if i want only the previous mark sheet to be used for consideration then its is completely legit to do so.

    now i am going to apply to south korean universities and i dont know if i should just produce to them the old mark sheet or the improvement one too? because its very complicated and they probably wont consider the second mark sheet and may assume that i failed in the second attempt?

    im going to try for Astronomy major, if i cannot get admitted in that then i will try in other courses in the next session.

    i have done a few asteroid discoveries and also have built a vlf antenna/radio telescope on my roof top, which will soon also have a website with all its live data, my marks and chances of getting accepted are low but i think this will help my university application?

    thanks for reading through, i couldn't think of another place to ask this question :smile:
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    Unless someone comes along here who knows something about South Korean universities, I think you should ask this question directly to the universities that you are applying to (their admissions offices, that is).
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