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Help: Motivation, career advice needed.

  1. Nov 11, 2011 #1
    Hi everyone.
    I have a degree in ME and now I am doing my post graduation in Mechanical Engineering Design. I had a lot of interest in Design during my Bachelors but suddenly I've lost interest in technical field/studies. My GPA is also going down day by day and I find no motive for studying. I request you guys to help me identify/suggest a motivating factor/a long term goal that would help me appreciate the importance of my master's degree and make me study.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Well, if you are asking random people on the internet how to deal with your inner motivations, I figure that's a sign you're hard up and probably do really need to figure out how to help yourself.

    First, ask yourself why you got into ME in the first place. If it was because you wanted to play with cool mechanical things, you probably are missing that in school and need to get some more mechanical play time in. Build something fun, or volunteer to help some undergrads build a crazy human powered helicopter or something. If it was because you loved design, but you aren't loving it now, you need to figure out why. Maybe school is making you design things that don't interest you. In that case, spend some time to design something you like. Maybe you are feeling that what you do doesn't matter - you may need to spend some time outside of the school setting and realize that the world needs people who can fix problems, and there just aren't enough of them around.

    I know, in grad school time is a luxury, but chances are that you will spend more time just sitting and being demotivated than it will cost you to do something that will get your head back in the game.

    If you really want motivation, call up your parents and tell them you are considering becoming a skunk farmer in Patagonia. It works even better with a girlfriend or wife ;).
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