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Help needed in COMSOL3.3a-heat transfer module

  1. Apr 6, 2009 #1
    urgent help needed in COMSOL3.3a-heat transfer module

    hi friends...
    I am doing a heat transfer problem in 3D....I have designed a heating device in micro range (exactly similar to the heating device in component library) and kept 3 layers of blocks of material (Si, SiO2, Fe ). I am confused about setting the heat flux radiative boundary.......what is the value of heat trasnfer coeffecient of each block ? is it similar to the value in meter range? how can I find out these values.....also when scaling a problem like this from metre range to microns and nanometre range what all parametres should also be manually changed?
    Please help me out...Thanks in advance
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    Re: urgent help needed in COMSOL3.3a-heat transfer module

    The conductive transfer coefficients you will have to look up for each material unless they are already in your material library. This value is usually in units of W/m^2. In terms of scaling, the only thing you should have to scale is the geometry of your boundaries and sub domains.
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    Re: urgent help needed in COMSOL3.3a-heat transfer module

    Hi Topher925...thankyou for the response...I can find out the values of heat transfer coeefecient for the different materials...but according to the definition it is the rate of heat transfer through the raditive walls,,, but wen we scale down the size wont it affect the heat transfer coeffecient???
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