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Help needed with dependent event probablity question

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    Dear Forumites,

    First time poster so take it easy on me!

    I've stubled upon a question that my pea-sized brain cannot answer. This is not uncommon for a man of my (lack of) intelligence, but it's killing me to not know the answer! Any help massively appreciated.

    I have determined a basic method which predicts the chances of Player A beating Player B in golf competition. However when the competition becomes 3-way I don't know how to calculate the chances of Player A beating Players B and C given the events are dependent.

    For example:

    Player A beats Player B 70% of the time.
    Player A beats Player C 60% of the time.

    What are the chances of A emerging victorious?

    Clearly the events are dependent, if A beats C than it is highly likely that he will have beaten B also. But how likely?

    Sorry if this question and example is awfully worded. I could have asked it in a sports forum but this requires a math brain me thinks!

    Cheers! :-)
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    Just realised I've probably fallen foul of the sticky. Apologies.

    Mods - Please move if necessary.

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