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Help on Mixing solution from two tanks problem

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    Two tanks, A and B, each contain 5K gal of water. To each tank 150 gal of a chemical should be added, but in error the entire 300 gal are poured into tank A. Pumps are set to work to circulate the liquid through the two tanks at the rate of 100 gal/min (a) How long will it take for tank A to contain 200 gal of the chemical and tank B to contain 100 gal? (b) IS it theoretically possible for each tank to contain 150 gal?
    Reference: Ordinary Differential Equations by Morris Tenenbaum and Harry Pollar Lesson 15, problem 10
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    To get started on this, think of a very short interval of time dt, short enough that the bulk numbers will not change much, and work out what will happen in that short interval. You should find that the change in some quantity of interest is proportional to dt. Then you can divide by dt to get a differential equation.
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    1) Why is this not in homework section?

    2) What have you tried?
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