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(help) physician wants to focus on quantum biology

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    Dear members of this forum.

    My name is Roberto, I am a medical doctor who wants to study and focus on quantum biology. I have this idea that the cure for a lot of diseases, specially cancer may be in the atomic level.

    I am very passionate about physicis and I would like to match the best of this two subjects, but I need help, because I don´t know where to start. Every pHD or master degree I look for, they ask backgrounds in chemistry, physics or alikes...

    What do you recommend? Any Ideas..
    Thank you everyone in advance.
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    What's your math background?

    Assuming what I think a medical doctor would have I would suggest the following sequence:

    Beyond that I would normally recommend Ballentine, it is, IMHO, THE book on QM, but in your case, for what you want, I am going to suggest one a bit below that graduate level textbook and suggest one by Zettili

    If you want to pursue it beyond that then Ballentine would be excellent:

    There doesn't seem to be too many QM Biology books - the following (soon to be released) is the best I could find:

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