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Looking for suggestions for an experiment involving Quantum theory and Biology?

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    Hey guys, (this is not homework). I am working on a "out of class" project right now, and I want to get some ideas on ways you can run an experiment in which you can apply quantum theory to biology?

    Thanks :)
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    “Many biological processes involve the conversion of energy into forms that are usable for chemical transformations and are quantum mechanical in nature. Such processes involve chemical reactions, light absorption, formation of excited electronic states, transfer of excitation energy, and the transfer of electrons and protons (hydrogen ions) in chemical processes such as photosynthesis and cellular respiration.[1] Quantum biology uses computation to model biological interactions in light of quantum mechanical effects.[2]
    Some examples of the biological phenomena that have been studied in terms of quantum processes are the absorbance of frequency-specific radiation (i.e., photosynthesis[3] and vision[4]); the conversion of chemical energy into motion;[5] magnetoreception in animals[6][7], DNA mutation [8] and brownian motors in many cellular processes.[9]
    Recent studies have identified quantum coherence and entanglement between the excited states of different pigments in the light-harvesting stage of photosynthesis.[10][11] Although this stage of photosynthesis is highly efficient, it remains unclear exactly how or if these quantum effects are relevant biologically.[12]”

    Functional quantum biology in photosynthesis and magnetoreception

    Using the following Google search terms: “quantum physics and biological systems” hundreds of websites appear, many containing ideas for projects.

    One more thing: I'm pretty sure that here on PF member ZapperZ has posted on this very subject.
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