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Maple Help with a loglogplot in maple please

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    Help with a loglogplot in maple please!!!

    Hi all,

    I have some physics homework that I'm trying to finish tonight. I have it all done and everything, and now all i have to do is make a plot. I'm trying to do a loglogplot of Planck's Law. Here's my code:




    and all i'm doing to try to plot is, loglogplot(Plancks_Law(x),x=1..10000);

    I don't care what the domain is, but anything i try gives me an empty plot error. Any suggestions??

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    Re: Help with a loglogplot in maple please!!!

    I think you have some constants wrong.
    When I evaluate h / (k t) with your numbers, I get something like 10-60 while it should be like 10-14.
    As a consequence, unless you take x = 1060, your exponential will be very close to 1, so your denominator becomes 1 - 1 = 0.

    Follow-up: try k:=1.381*10^(-23) instead of k:=1.381*10^(23).
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    Re: Help with a loglogplot in maple please!!!

    genius!! I had boltzmann's constant to be of order 10^23, not 10^-23. Thanks a ton!
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