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Strange plotting behaviour- Mathematica 8

  1. Sep 13, 2012 #1
    I'm confused by Mathematica's behaviour when plotting some functions I've constructed by interpolating functions. I have three graphs (attached). The first is a plot of the family of functions; they're negative, and decreasing to zero. I tried to do a LogLogPlot to look at their behaviour as they decay, and it looks as if the functions decay to one, as if I was actually plotting Log(f(x)) for small f.

    I was looking to see if these functions behaved like 1/x^n for large x, and when comparing one function to x^(-4) it doesn't look as if I'm getting the straight line I expect on a LogLogPlot.

    Can someone please explain why? I should point out that my functions are on the order of 10^(-10) over the region I'm plotting.

    Thanks in advance.

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