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Acer is a genus of trees and shrubs commonly known as maples. The genus is placed in the family Sapindaceae. There are approximately 132 species, most of which are native to Asia, with a number also appearing in Europe, northern Africa, and North America. Only one species, Acer laurinum, extends to the Southern Hemisphere. The type species of the genus is the sycamore maple, Acer pseudoplatanus, the most common maple species in Europe. The maples usually have easily recognizable palmate leaves (Acer negundo is an exception) and distinctive winged fruits. The closest relatives of the maples are the horse chestnuts. Maple syrup is made from the sap of some maple species.

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  1. jamesbrazil

    Maple Finding the solution of this long equation using Maple

    I need help solving an equation. I started using Maple, but had no success. Could someone explain to me which command to use? I need to find a very small value of ##x##, that is, ##x \ll 1##. The equation is $$434972871000000000.0+{\frac {\sqrt {6} \left( { 1.488388992\times 10^ {-36}}\,\ln...
  2. Z

    Maple Why can't Maple simplify this further?

    I am evaluating this formula, it's real value is 0. but maple can't further simplify it?
  3. benorin

    Maple May I legally obtain a student license of Maple if I’m auditing class?

    May I legally obtain a student license of Maple if I’m merely auditing a class? Need it be a STEM course? I tried google and Waterloo did not spell out the case of auditing.
  4. Abhisheko07

    Maple GNUPLOT 'file1.dat 2nd column' vs 'file2.dat 1st column'

    How can I plot 'file1.dat 2nd column' vs 'file2.dat 1st column' in Gnuplot? If someone can help me with what code I need to write to do it, it will be very helpful.
  5. C

    Maple Boundary finite element method in Maple

    I would like any tips about a Maple ''home made'' program that I received for a project but this program seems to stop before the very end of the code. I want to find de lift of an airfoil with Boundary finites elements method. I have this error at the very end : Error, (in fprintf) number...
  6. binbagsss

    Maple Maple- simplifing an expression in terms of pre-defined variables?

    I have some dimensionless numbers commonly used in fluid mechanics and I want to express a certain expression in terms of these dimensionless numbes If I, after defining my dimensionless numbers, enter the command : simplify(*expression*) where the expression is a function of variables that...
  7. Dwightun

    Maple How to get my function from these dsolve results

    Hi! I'm trying to solve ODE system with 2 equations Here is a result from dsolve. How can i get R(t) out of it And how to substitute initial conditions in it?
  8. strangerep

    Maple Best way to explore Finsler Geometry calculations with Maple?

    My context here is Finsler geometry with Cartan connection. I use ##x^\mu## for the usual spacetime position coordinates, and ##u^\mu \equiv \dot x^\mu## for velocity coordinates (the overdot denotes differentiation by an arbitrary parameter, not necessarily proper time). To explain the problem...
  9. Dwightun

    Maple How to remove "y(x)" from this DE solution?

    Hi, I have my solved DE, like this: How can i get sin(pi x /2) (without "y(x)=") to put it in array? Thank you in advance
  10. whoohm

    Maple Anyone using Maple in 2019 on regular basis?

    I know these software packages were discussed a lot in the past, but I have not seen much input from the last couple years. I have used Matlab for many years, but remember using Maple in University Physics courses many years ago. I'm interested in a software package for symbolic math to use...
  11. opus

    Maple Help with a Maple Program: Binomial Coefficients

    Please see attached image. I'm not sure why I'm getting this error because this is the format I have used to write programs in Maple before. Any ideas? I'm new to this so not sure how to independently trouble shoot or problem solve this, Thanks!
  12. J

    Maple Find Jordan Canonical Form with Maple

    Hi all! I have to show that the matrix 10x10 matrix below is nilpotent, determine its signature, and find its Jordan canonical form. [-2 , 19/2 , -17/2 , 0 , -13 , 9 , -4 , 7 , -2 , -13] [15 , -51 , 48 , -8 , 80 , -48 , 19 , -39 , 10 , 74] [-7 , 34 , -33 , 0 , -50 , 31 , -11 , 27 , -6 , -47] [1...
  13. SJay16

    Maple Exploring Maple: A User-Friendly Math Software for Physics and Beyond

    I was just wondering how many of you had heard about the Math “programming” software called “Maple” and if so, what your opinion is on it compared to like Matlab or Mathematica and the other mainstream languages? Is such a “low-key” software/language learning extensively? I personally find it...
  14. W

    Maple Computing Numerical Integrals with Maple

    Hi all, I am new to the Maplesoft software and have been experiencing trouble computing numerical integrals. I defined a few mathematical functions in terms of a few variables like so: I then used "subs" to input values to anything that isn't already a defined constant (like ##\hbar,\pi## and...
  15. incredibe1999

    Maple ODE System Solution Maple: Plotting Earth's Orbit with Sun at Origin

    Hey there! I was trying to plot a ODE solution, but am not getting what I should be. It is actually plotting the orbit of Earth with Sun at the origin. My equations The (-0.00011847) is GM. The Initial Conditions: The plot I get: Should not I be getting a elliptic/circular plot as the...
  16. R

    Maple System of differential equations in Maple

    Hi everybody. I'm using the Maple 13 software (in linux mint) to solve system compounded by the four below differential equations: > ode1 := (diff(m1(t), t)) = - m1(t) + (1/2)*tanh( m2(t) + m4(t) + cos(t) ); > ode2 := (diff(m2(t), t)) = - m2(t) + (1/2)*tanh( m1(t) + cos(t) ); > ode3 :=...
  17. andrewkirk

    Maple Variable summation limits in Maple or similar programs

    I have recently been doing some work that involves long, messy manipulations with lots of geometric series. A typical such series, which would only be one of a number of such terms in a formula, is: $$ \sum_{t=h+1}^{T-h} \left(1-(1-\theta)^{T-t-h+1}\right) \\ $$ It's not difficult to simplify...
  18. Mauro Silva

    Maple [Maple] Calculating the potential produced by a charge

    I have been using Maple for sometime as its document interface feels nicer and more friendly than mathematica's . I have never been able to plot arrows in Mathematica or use indices efficiently. I am more of a curious self teaching physics person. But I just found something interesting when...
  19. goga

    Maple Can you tell me where can i download Maple?

    Can you tell me where can i download Maple?
  20. F

    Maple Maple - Explicit Set Definition & Natural Number Symbol

    Hi, I would like to know if is possible define a set rule explicitly. ex.: Define the set A explicitly where ξ = ℕ and A = {x | x < 3}. The maplesoft said the (N) is a representation of Natural Numbers. f:=proc() local a,b; a:=N; b:= 3; print(a<b); end proc; when I...
  21. Q

    Plotting from stream function in Maple

    Homework Statement So the question is to plot the streamlines of the stream function. ψ(r,θ)=[v][/0](r-1/r)sin(θ)=constant Homework Equations Im asked to do this in MATLAB or maple. preferably maple. But equations that is needed to plot it is also totally fine. The Attempt at a Solution It...
  22. M

    How do I enter a differential equation in maple?

    Hello, I am currently taking ODE's and the class has an optional lab to accompany it. So far in the lab we've been doing some pretty basic stuff. But we've finally moved on to entering in differential equations, and I'm confused. 1. Homework Statement dydx+2x=2y How do I enter this equation...
  23. H

    Maple Maple question: defining functions as inverse Fourier transforms

    Hi, I have a a Fourier transformed variable \hat{\eta}(k) defined as the following: \hat{\eta}(k)=\frac{e^{-k^{2}}\tanh k}{kU^{2}+(-B+\Omega U+E_{b}|k|-k^{2})\tanh k} The parameters U,B,\Omega,E_{b} have all been defined previously. I have naively tried the following: \eta...
  24. S

    A Calculate the Weyl and Ricci scalars for a given metric

    hello dear, I need to calculate the Weyl and Ricci scalars for a given metric. let's assume for a kerr metric. by using the grtensor-II package in maple i am not able to get the results. would anyone help me out. for ordinary metric like schwarzschild metric, However its not working for Kerr...
  25. Mathman2013

    Statistics and Maple: Constructing a Team of 4 from 3 Groups"

    Homework Statement We have three groups, group 1 contains 21 people, group two contains 18 people and group 3 contain 50 people. First we need to construct a team of 4 people of three groups. How many ways can such a team be constructed? I use combinate such that it will be calculated in...
  26. matt_crouch

    Maple Step by step solution in Maple

    Is it possible to get Maple to show me step by step how to solve a complex contour integral? f := (x,y,z,v) -> (x+I*x*cos(v)+I*y*sin(v))^(-2) int(f(x,y,z,v),v=0..2*Pi) assuming(x,real,y,real,z,real,v,real) But I would like to know how Maple solves this step by step. I tried using the tutor...
  27. E

    Maple Problems with plotting a function in Maple

    Hey so I'm working on a simulation to compute the multiplicity of two Einstein solids.. long story short I'm having a tough time plotting a function. To start, I defined the following: Which, when simplified yields: I named this simplified result K: Plotting this... What I get is...
  28. bcrowell

    Maple Validate Your CM Invariants with Maple: Open Source Code Available for Testing

    There is a set of 16 polynomial curvature invariants called the Carminati-McLenaghan invariants, described here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carminati–McLenaghan_invariants . They've been implemented (I think by Carminati and McLenaghan themselves) in a free Maple package described here...
  29. J

    Maple How Do You Input Formulas for Surface Area Calculations in Maple?

    I can't input this formula, z=(1+x^2)/(1+y^2) This is suppose to represent a function of surface of area with double integrals. I'm struggling inputting the codes into evaluate the equation. It would be convenient if help was given
  30. EJC

    Maple Anyone Use VMs to run Maple - or Use VMs at all?

    I do a lot of modeling in Maple. I recently bought a Macbook, and may run Windows through a VM and use Maple inside that until the eventual day that I buy a license for Maple for my Mac. Anyone have any insight on this? I've looked into dual booting and VMs, and since Maple (and occasionally...
  31. G

    Maple Getting wrong answer using Maple (Physics package)

    Hi all, I'm hoping somebody can save me from this impending frustration induced aneurysm. The problem lies with Maple's physics package and is this: I am in an FLRW spacetime with metric ##ds^{2}=dt^{2}−a(t)^{2}(\frac{dr^{2}}{1−kr^{2}}+r^{2}d\theta^{2}+r^{2}sin^{2}(\theta)d\phi^{2})## and...
  32. K

    Maple Partially Factor Lengthy Expression w/ Maple - Positive Real Numbers

    I need to show that the following expression, $$a^3b-a^3c+a^3z+a^3x+a^3y-a^2bx+a^2by+a^2cx-a^2cy-a^2zx+a^2zy-a^2x^2+a^2y^2-abcz-abcx-aczx-acx^2+b^2c^2+2bc^2x+c^2x^2-b^2c-2bcx-cx^2,$$ is positive given that: $1.$ $\ a,b,c,x,y,z$ are positive real numbers $2. \ \ a>b+x$ $3. \ \ c<b+y$ I...
  33. MathematicalPhysicist

    Maple Fixing Maple PDE Error: pdsolve/numeric Expecting IBCs to be of Type {list, set}

    I used the following code and got the error: Error, (in pdsolve) invalid input: `pdsolve/numeric` expects its 2nd argument, IBCs, to be of type {list, set}, but received IBC the code is: how to amend this error? Btw, the second boundary condition v_x(1,t) should be approximated by the...
  34. C

    Mathematica Mathematical software: Latex, Mathml, MathType, Maple?

    Which mathematical software(s) can you recommend for 1. As a substitute for a calculator (TI89): making basic graphs, regressions (linear, exponential), vectors, solving equations, showing graphs in 2d and 3d? 2. Writing an ebook with lot's of math. I'm thinking Mathml or Mathtype might be...
  35. Rafael de Gomes

    Maple - Finding maximum of maximums in different functions

    Hello, I've been trying to come up with a short way of writing the code. What I'm trying to do is: I have 11 equations, each of which have a defined minimum and maximum. I'm trying to find the highest maximum out of all of them and I need to know which one it is. The highest as in farthest...
  36. C

    Write a state that will compute f=x/y^2 in maple

    Homework Statement Using maple cw version, trying to write a state that will compute f=x/y^2 over several iterations. y^2 is changing but x is dependent on a value input my user. I don't really know how to write the loop? I need the loop to run on an interval of different y values that I can...
  37. M

    Maple Math Plotting Software for Electrical Engineering

    Hi All: I am an electrical engineering undergrad. I would like to learn a math plotting software which would be helpful in visualizing topics in advanced calculus (my immediate need). It would also be helpful if the math plotting software was of some use in electrical engineering, but this is...
  38. T

    Maple The best software for math and physics?

    Which program is the best for math and physics? What do you think about Maple 17?
  39. D

    Maple Trying to solve an equation but get weird solution with new variable

    Hi, I'm trying to solve this equation inside of Maple: http://screencast.com/t/EeqzLhxS for gamma(s) I assign variables to each of the values like this:http://screencast.com/t/DBLS8BH6R When I try to solve I get this weird answer with a new _z variable...
  40. R

    Maple Which program is best for me to learn?

    Hi, I'm in my third year of a physics program, and lately I have really been struggling to figure out what program would be best for me to learn. There are so many options out there. Octave, Scilab, Freemat, Matlab and then Maxima, Mathematica, Maple, etc. So my understanding is that the...
  41. R

    Maple Two Species Population Model

    The academics and the technicians of a university faculty are planning a paintball battle and the mathematicians are trying to predict their chances of winning with a continuous model. They are representing the numbers in the two teams at any time t as and respectively and have decided that the...
  42. MathematicalPhysicist

    Maple Finding real part of an expression.

    Hi, I have the next expression: \frac{iw+3}{(iw-3)(iw+6)(iw+1)} Now I want to find the real part of this expression via mathematica or maple, and for the love of god it doesn't work, what have I done wrong here?! the codes and their errors are in the attachments...
  43. T

    Maple Calculating Time Derivatives of Terms with Autonomous Systems

    Hi guys I have 5 term which each term includes three function of time (autonomous system ), i want to obtain time derivative of each term as other terms for example if i define each term as a dimensionless variable , e.g. x , y , z , v , w , i want to know dx/dt = as a combination of x , y ...
  44. S

    Maple How can I fit a sigmoid line to data points using Excel or Maple?

    Hi I used plot digitizer software to pull data points off a picture of a graph and i need to fit a line to the points (and get an equation for the line). I know the data points fit to an s-curve from the picture. I'm thinking excel doesn't do this, or maybe I missed it? I have access to maple...
  45. F

    Mathematica Software for Math: Get Started with Mathematica/Maple!

    Getting far enough along into math where I'm starting to wish I had something beyond my ti83.. Any recommendations in reguards to which program I should start with? I've really no idea where to start, aside from googling "computational software" What is the foremost program...
  46. F

    MATLAB Add Packages to MATLAB for Higher Order Arithmetic

    Basically I'm writing my MSc dissertation right now, and I've been doing a lot on primes I've written all my code in MATLAB, but my supervisor told me today that MATLAB is crap for higher order arithmetic and the primes only go up to something like 10 digits long. SO I'm kinda screwed...
  47. B

    Maple How can I draw graphs by hand?

    I would like to draw plots by hand. Which means I can create the plot, label the axes, and then draw lines on it without having to write their equation. I can also control how the plot looks visually, such as color, scaling etc. What program can I do this with? More specifically, can I do...
  48. G

    Mathematica Mathematica: Trouble with defining function from gradiant

    Hi everyone. I've been using basically a whole day on two trivial Mathematica issues, so I'm finally going online for help: 1. Is there any simple way to define the gradient as a new function as such? My try: Clear["Global`*"] f[u_] := x[u]*y[u] gradf[u_] := D[f[u], {{x[u], y[u]}}]...
  49. B

    Maple MathJax, already in use here, now in AIP journals

    We are happy to announce a new partnership between MathJax and AIP Publishing. MathJax is an open-source JavaScript display engine that produces high-quality math in all modern browsers, without plug-ins or other special set-up requirements, which is why it works so great on Physics Forums...
  50. B

    MATLAB Integrating a Function of Two Variables in MATLAB

    Hey guys, I have this function: f(r,z) = r*(1 + g(r,z)) The function g(r,z) is a modification of the student t-distribution in z, where the degrees of freedom depend continuously on r. I would like to integrate this function f(r,z) from 0 to R with respect to r. Unfortunately...