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Help with a physics TEST (im desperate)

  1. Nov 19, 2008 #1
    First of all Hi!
    Im from Bulgaria (Europe for the ones who dont know where BG is) and im new to the forum
    Im 14 and ive started learning physics in german (i learn in a german high school..)
    I might have a bit of mistakes /mainly spelling/ so please excuse me for them...
    So tommorow im having a physics test and a friend made a photo of it
    I calculeted most of the exercises but this one i didnt

    Its easy perhaps (for you) but not for me:
    For the guys who speak german
    [Removed German. As per the forum guidelines, all posts must be in English]

    For English speakers
    A body is moving and weighs 4kg and s = 4t - 4.squaret
    The movement type is
    The whole Force (power) is ???? N
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    Welcome to PF!

    Your formula for displacement, s, is in the form of the basic kinematic motion equation with constant acceleration, that is, [tex] s = V_ot +1/2at^2[/tex]. From this you can get certain information. You need more given information to get all the requested information. The net force can be obtained from Newton's 2nd law.
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    force isnt power. Power = Instantaneous force x velocity

    P = Fv
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