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Help with calculating tank weight wooden stand can handle

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    Hi everyone,

    I am new here... please forgive me if my posting is imperfect :p

    I am planning to purchase a glass aquarium with tank dimensions: 48" (Length) * 24" (Depth) * 22" (Height)

    I wonder if a wooden stand with only edge support will be able to withstand the weight of the filled aquarium which at full capacity should be about 500 kgs, though i plan to fill up to only 380 kgs max.

    It does not have any beam support bottom of the tank.

    A picture of the stand and tank is attached, the bottom tank is supposed to go on the top rack.

    Thanks guys!

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    Ask the manufacturer of the wooden stand. It is impossible to tell just by looking at an image of it. If in doubt, use something stronger.
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    You should also consider the ground, i.e. the statics of your apartment. If the weight is concentrated on single points, this might be a problem.
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    (1) If sitting on a rigid concrete floor undisturbed then it would probably be ok forever .

    (2) If sitting in an apartment with a flexible floor and lots of disturbances then it would very probably collapse sooner or later . Sway mode collapse would be most likely .

    (3) Don't risk it . Consequences of failure might be much more costly than getting a better stand .

    (4) Engineers logic is that if you don't know whether a structure is safe or not then it isn't .
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    Well said.

    @Togmeny -- It looks like you can buy the stand that is shown with the tank. That is your best bet. Thread is closed.
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