What is Load: Definition and 1000 Discussions

A structural load or structural action is a force, deformation, or acceleration applied to structural elements. A load causes stress, deformation, and displacement in a structure. Structural analysis, a discipline in engineering, analyzes the effects loads on structures and structural elements. Excess load may cause structural failure, so this should be considered and controlled during the design of a structure. Particular mechanical structures—such as aircraft, satellites, rockets, space stations, ships, and submarines—are subject to their own particular structural loads and actions. Engineers often evaluate structural loads based upon published regulations, contracts, or specifications. Accepted technical standards are used for acceptance testing and inspection.

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  1. U

    How electricity distributers achieve equal phase loads?

    How electric distributers achieve equal phases load, is this done by itself? Unequal situation hapend only in failure ? That depend on load, not source, but they cant control load.. so how?
  2. T

    B How Does Inclined Load Affect Weight Distribution When Moving a Cabinet?

    Hello. I want to ask for advice. I know I probably won't understand it anyway, but maybe some information will help me. I did not find a solution to this problem on the Internet, which in itself I do not understand. We moved the cabinet and I can't calculate how much the weight on the opposite...
  3. A

    Engineering Maximizing Thread Strength: Stress Analysis on M10 Bolt with 100 kg Load

    A load of 100 kg acting in the axial direction is applied to a nut coupled with a standard M10 bolt. The nominal thread diameter is 10 mm; pitch is 1.5 mm. Thus, the stress acting on a single thread in the bolt is: 1000 N / (0.25 * pi * (10 mm - 0.93194 * 1.5 mm)^2) ≈ 17.21 MPa 17 MPa seems...
  4. PhysicsTest

    Maximizing Power Transfer: An Analysis of Resistance and Efficiency

    I equated dP/dR to 0 and find the solution for R. Is the solution correct?
  5. L

    Determine torque required to move load

    Trying to figure out how much torque an electric motor would need to move a load of 100lbs on a flat surface. The device would use two electric motors attached to a 8 inch diameter wheel (each motor is attached to a 8 inch wheel).
  6. ARoyC

    Engineering Optimizing Diode Performance: Load Line Analysis

    I have drawn the I-V characteristic graph of the diode. I am facing problems with drawing the load line. For what value of E (Source Voltage), should I draw the Load Line? To get the I-V graph, I had to continuously change E.
  7. N

    Calculating Motor Load Capacity for a 4kg Vehicle

    TL;DR Summary: I need help with calculating how much a motor will be able to pull. Hi all, I am currently in my first year of engineering and we have a project which requires us to use motors to drive a 4kg max vehicle. I was planning on using the very common yellow DC motors which have...
  8. J

    Lithium Charging Load Resistance?

    I'm trying to understand the load-resistance of an A123 Nanophosphate High Power Lithium Ion cell. https://www.buya123products.com/uploads/vipcase/844c1bd8bdd1190ebb364d572bc1e6e7.pdf My understanding is that resistance increases as the cell charges. The datasheet says "Internal Impedance...
  9. A

    How to obtain Axial Load Capacity from Tapered Roller Bearings Catalog

    Hello there, I'm trying to select a tapered roller bearing (TRB) for my actuator, I know the peak axial force that is going to come. I have some radial load as well. I want to select the TRB based on the axial load, but all the bearing catalogs or most of them give Dynamic and static Load...
  10. S

    I Load on leaf blower as function of outlet shape

    Would a leaf blower see a different load (in terms of back pressure and flow) depending on whether the outlet tube ends in, say a 1" nozzle, versus a flared out horn of 6" diameter? I am not thinking of viscosity effects here, but rather of Bernoulli type considerations. In the case of the...
  11. enigmaticbacon

    Converting Effective Mechanical Load to Newtons (Capybara)

    Hello again! I've found the capybara's EMA to be 0.71. Their mass to be 55kg. And their average speed to be ~3.0km/h. I want to figure out how many capybaras it would take to overcome Friction * Normal force of ~125,000N. How would I go about doing that...
  12. A

    Calculate Load carrying capacity of vertically mounted suction cup

    I'm looking for means of calculating load carrying capacity of a vertically mounted suction cup. Suction Cup effective diameter = 90mm Mounted on a vertical glass surface Pressure inside the suction cup = 0.75bar Pressure difference = 0.25bar Weight is suspended from a rod attached in the centre...
  13. F

    Electrical Load Cell Wiring Length Question

    I would like to weigh our pet parakeets. They are rather skittish, so the idea I came up with was to hack a digital scale so as to put the controls and display some distance from the scale. Then I would add a perch to the scale. When one of our birds lands on the scale, I could turn on the...
  14. D

    Construction Steel cage weight load capacity needed

    I have a VERTICAL standing square tube 1.25" x 1.25" x 1/16" thick. Length/Height = 79" Material = steel How do you determine its max load capacity for this tube when mounted vertically? I plan to use 18 of these vertical posts, evenly spaced, creating an 83" x 131" rectangular structure. They...
  15. D

    Calculating Load Capacity of Steel Cage with A-frame Roof

    I have a steel cage 7 ft by 11 ft and 7 ft high. It's made out of standard 1 in square steel vertical tubing. Each vertical tube is spaced 18 inches apart all the way around the cage. All vertical posts are welded to a 2 in L-bar all the way around the top, and the bottom. I'm trying to...
  16. M

    Engineering Calculating the safe load of a glued structure with given shear stress

    I have tried to calculate the safe load with the equation of maximum shear stress, A = 4*6*10^-4, and the given shear stress 5MPa, but I couldn't seem to get the right answer which is 18kN.
  17. H

    Calculating Load with Magnetometer for Synchronous Motor

    Looking for any insight on a formula that can be used to calculate the load using a magnetometer sensor for synchronous motor
  18. T

    Gust Load Factor & Wing Bending Explained

    Hi All Negative Gust (what is the sign of Gust Load Factor , is it for example +6.3 or -6.3). And does that mean the tips of the wings is going up or down ( if going up does that termed in "English" as Up-Bending of Wing. ?Also, in this case (Negative Gust), if we call inner flange of the top...
  19. Pipsqueakalchemist

    DC motors and Induction motor: What does "no load conditions" mean?

    TL;DR Summary: So I'm just confused when the question asks me to solve for the no load speed of DC motors and induction motors. Does no load condition mean that the output torque (Tout) is zero? This is what I was assuming so far for both DC and induction motor. Is no load condition the same...
  20. B

    : Calculation of Linear Bearing (Carriage) Load

    Hi Guys, please please assist me! I need to pick for a project at my work linear carriages which should work at this configuration : As you can see, there is a piston which moves the plate on 4 bearings from the side (yes, I know, not the best configuration, but that's what we have given the...
  21. M

    React - load new image - error - part 2

    It works with this code! If I want to write a text next to the image do I use <div> ? I mean : return <div><div><img src={logo} alt="Logo" width="40" /></div><div>Title</div></div>; 🤔
  22. M

    React - load new image - error

    Hey! :smile: I need some help in react. I have a code for a web application and I want to change the logo. The logo I want to use is in the public folder, in this folder there is also a favicon with the old image. In the src folder there is a folder images with the old image. In the src folder...
  23. A

    Load and Stress; 3 angles with different shapes corners

    Summary: Each angle has a different type of corner, rectangular, circular, and triangular. Which one is the strongest? All three angles are mounted in the ground and made of the same material. The same force ‘w’ towards the ground is acting on all angles, which one is the strongest? Please...
  24. B

    I Shock Load on Rope: Weight Limit Analysis

    Hello, I’m not sure if the proper term is shock load. If a person is using a device and rope to lower themselves from a high point and they’re descending fast and then suddenly stop does that create a shock load? The device attaches to the rope and when a person squeezes the device it allows...
  25. Svelte1

    How is the slope of the shear force equal to the negative of the load?

    At any point between A and C the point load is negative (downwards), in the shear force diagram: positive is upwards, so this slope is negative. The equation says the slope should be positive. Is this something to do with shear force sign convention?
  26. Element13

    Construction Can a DIY pulley system maximize storage space in the garage?

    Hi Everyone, After adding a small office in the garage and giving it space above it, between the ceiling of the garage and roof of the space, to store long rolls of materials, I had some extra space to the rolls but nothing long to place within it. I then thought, if I build a long drawer, 8'...
  27. O

    I Can I load my boat without a winch?

    I have a boat that weighs about 100 lbs. and is 10’ long. I’d like to load it on my pickup rack in the manner shown in this (and many others) video, but without having to purchase and mount a winch. I’m fairly certain I can get the boat upright. The portion I don’t know how to calculate is...
  28. A

    I Electric motor with increased load

    How come when the load is increased in an electric motor, the torque and current increase but the motor slows? Isn't how fast the motor is how much torque it has?
  29. M

    MATLAB How to load data from the example supplied on MATLAB website?

    The demo here doesn't specify how to download the file dowPortfolio.xlsx from the first line in the tutorial: T = readtable('dowPortfolio.xlsx'); Any help here (please tell me it's not just me)? Nevermind, evidently you literally can just copy that line into the command window and MATLAB...
  30. B

    Load bearing capacity of a tall column

    Could someone please tell me the load bearing capacity of an 8" x 8" x 10 foot tall white oak column. The oak is fully cured and would be placed on an appropriately sized concrete footing. It would be mechanically fastened to a beam that it would be supporting. Any assistance or explanation...
  31. newbie1127

    Engineering Moments problem -- One point load is given on a table

    I have tried solving this by splitting the load into two parallel coplaner loads as the Hint below the question suggests but while i was computing the values i realized that, i'll have 4 variables with only 3 equations. two forces and the two distances to forces from their respective axes. i've...
  32. D

    Understanding horizontal shear in beam with vertical load

    In an I-beam, the shear flow is usually shown drawn as on the left, not as drawn on the right. I do not understand why. I do understand: The total horizontal shear force must be zero, consistent with statics.This is satisfied in both images. The vertical direction matches the direction of the...
  33. Krismein

    Calculate deflection of rod/axlepipe due to distributed load

    Summary:: Calculate the deformation on a rod/axle/pipe due to a distributed load. I’m manually trying to calculate the deformation on a rod/axle/pipe due to a distributed load. The rod has an outer diameter of 62mm and an inner diameter of 50, is 170mm long, made from a material with an...
  34. FEAnalyst

    Corrugated tube (bellow) under axial load

    Hi, I'm trying to verify the results of a finite element analysis of a corrugated tube (bellow) subjected to axial load. Here are my analytical calculations based on Roark's Formulas for Stress and Strain (originally the formulas are from the article "On the Theory of Thin Elastic Toroidal...
  35. T

    Sequel of "Impedance Matching when the Transmitter, Line and Load...."

    Then might be regarded as continuation of discussion https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/impedance-matching-when-the-transmitter-line-and-load-impedances-are-different.1009266/ where unfortunately it's not more possible to post further replies (why?). So I would like to continue it here, since...
  36. T

    Impedance Matching when the Transmitter, Line and Load impedances are different

    Assume we have a general rf system where source with impedance ##Z_S## transfers a signal to a load with impedance ##Z_L## through a transmission line with impedance ##Z_T##. We want to match this system in order to maximize it's effiency: In https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impedance_matching...
  37. greg_rack

    Engineering Diagram of a beam with distributed load - SOLVED

    Hi guys, I'm wasting much time on this problem but still can't manage to get to a solution; I'll attach my attempt below. I started with drawing the FBD of the beam "sectioned" at point C, in order to find an expression for the internal shear force at that point and then equal that to zero...
  38. T

    Sanity check please -- Load cable swinging outward on a rotating crane

    So I know Fcp=-m*w^2*r So from the equation -m*w^2*r=m*g*tan(theta) r = r1+r2 so to rewrite -m*(w^2)*(r1+r2)=m*g*tan(theta) So r1+r2=(m*g*tan(theta))/-m*(w^2) r1=((m*g*tan(theta))/-m*(w^2)) - r2 Am I doing this nearly correct?
  39. NSNS

    How to find maximum load on steel sqare tube

    how to find a maximum load on a steel square tube that has one fixed end to the wall and another end is hanging free. suppose the beam is 2230 mm long and the load is applied on the beam on the free end w= 1040 mm. but there also a steel square tube that welded to the middle of the beam and...
  40. M

    What's the load capacity of 6 aluminium posts?

    Hello First time here! I have acquired 6 aluminium boxes they are 2 metres in length, they are 150mm x 150mm square and the walls are 3mm thick (they are also powder coated). My plan is to use all 6 boxes upright as posts for a covered pergola or in other words a fancy BBQ hut, so I will be...
  41. Sanjay94

    Xenon poisoning (negative xenon load varies with core burnup)

    I would like to know how the negative xenon load varies with core burnup. Does it increase or decrease as the core progresses from beginning of life to end of life? What is the reason for this change? Any help will be much appreciated
  42. M

    Bearing (surface) pressure versus load rating

    Hi, From suppliers of bearings, some of them specify the maximum bearing (surface) pressure or the maximum load rating (static or dynamic). What's the difference between this two? And which is most commonly used during selecting and calculating bearings in a mechanical design? Thanks in advance,
  43. S

    Truss behaviour, load-deformation curve

    Hello everyone! I am analysing an 18 m per 1.2 m truss, simply supported, with 140x5 chords and 90x8 braces. I then loaded the superior nodes with 500 KN. The top nodes were also laterally constrained to prevent out-of-plane displacements. After imputing the structure in Abaqus (FEA software), I...
  44. C

    Automotive Need help calculating load torque and acceleration torque of a vehicle

    Hi everyone, I'm working on designing a vehicle that uses electric motors, but I'm having a little trouble finding the load and acceleration torques in order to select the right motors to use. Variables: m = total mass of vehicle a = acceleration μ_r = rolling friction coefficient r = wheel...
  45. D

    Tracking thermal expansion of an aluminium load cell

    Hi all, I am having trouble getting repeatable results from a linear regression formula that simply uses temperature vs load cell output especially with rapidly increasing/decreasing temperatures. This appears to be a result of the thermal co-efficient of our temperature sensor being almost...
  46. B

    What is the value of the load resistor?

    But I think the answer is 32, is it correct?
  47. G

    Load model in TensorFlow gives a different result than the original one

    First of all, I'm using TensorFlow version 2.3.0 The code I'm using is the following: from tensorflow.keras.models import Sequential from tensorflow.keras.layers import Dense, Flatten, Conv2D, MaxPooling2D from tensorflow.keras.callbacks import ModelCheckpoint def get_new_model(): model =...
  48. I

    Find the load saved by a pulley system

    There are 3 different strings in this system. The one pulling P, the one pulling F and the one pulling a pulley. Since the questions says they're ferried across before hitting mast or deck, I'm assuming that they are not stationary. g is gravitational acceleration. P will move twice as fast...
  49. G

    Engineering Induction motor no load magnetisation loss

    The study material says under 'Estimation of magnetising losses' :On no-load, the rotor current is very small and the slip almost zero. Therefore, R′2s is very high and virtually no current flows through the branch of the circuit containing R′2s. Consequently, the no-load current is virtually...