Help with comparing laptop models

In summary, the barebone kit from Tigerdirect is a good option for people who want to build a PC themselves. It is only $200, and it has a blue ray player included.
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I'm about to buy a refurbished laptop because there cheap, I've been using a refurbished gateway for a year no now significant problems i just want better hardware. Now one model is INTEL and one model is AMD.
So if anyone wants to look at these two models and give there unbiased opinion that would be cool.



I'm leaning towards the T1628 because from what i can tell the AMD processor has a slightly higher speed. It also has an ATI graphics card with 256mb, the M6650 has integrated graphics with 384mb shared. Am i correct in thnking the ATI would be better over integrated and even though the integrated has more memory its shared memory.
Which one of these PC's would be able to generate better graphics.

Also i am looking to buy a 2gb DDR2 stick to upgrade to 4gbs of ram instead of 3. I believe this is the right kind of RAM.
also what is the difference between the PC numbers ie. PC4200 PC5200 etc does it matter which one i use?

Thanks alot.
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They are both integrated graphics (ATI is owned by AMD and X1270 is their low end integrated chip), the x1300 isn't too bad for an integrated chip, the opengl drivers are pretty good.
I'm guessing from the up to date specs that these aren't really used machines, the 'refurb' is probably because they are grey imports or because tiger isn't an official Gateway dealer - but check that the battery comes with a full warranty.
The prices aren't super wonderful, there are a lot of bargains in laptops at the moment (it's back to school time) if you aren't in a hurry keep an eye on redflagdeals for offers.
Unfortunately I don't think DELL outlet deals ship to Canada - do you know anyone in the US?
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Thanks for the reply. Redflag deals who gives those? dell? i can't get a discount on dell products through my employer.
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those prices are in Canadian currency as well if you didnt notice, do you have any suggestion on where i could get better prices on something similar to that.
  • #5 is a Canadian site that lists current special offers/coupons etc for all companies (not just for computers)

I have always been very happy with Dell laptops, the dell outlet site lists old stock models or configurations that didn't sell well. But as I said i think it is US only.
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o yea i know what your talking about now, i was also considering building a PC

what are you thoughts about this barebone kit.

i was thinking if i built a PC i could even put a blue ray player in it sometime there only like 200 dollars

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