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Help with generating the probablities open a card game

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    I am trying to work out but am having no luck with the following.

    It two players have 5 cards each from which they can choose. The cards are marked Legs, Body, Head, L Arm, Right arm

    What are the odds of the picking player choosing a card the other does not pick if they are picking
    Second Player 1 card 2 cards 3 cards 4 cards 5 cards
    First Player
    1 card 0%
    2 cards
    3 cards
    4 cards
    5 cards 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%

    Its for a game and i am trying to work out the odds. If the player picking first is attacking there need to pick a cards that the second player doesnt and its the odds of that that i'm looking for.

    Thank you
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    You are thinking about probability, not odds.

    Please be a bit more specific. How many cards is the first player drawing? Are they drawing the same number of cards? I'll call the cards {1,2,3,4,5}. If they both draw two cards and the first player draws {1,3} and the second draws {3,4}, does that count? More detail please.
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