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Help with Long division of functions

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    Can anyone explain the correct way to do that type of long division with functions?

    If you don't get what i mean an example would be like

    x4+3x2+1 / x2-2x+3
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    Check on the process in either your intermediate algebra book or your college algebra book. You first want to arrange each polynomial into more full general form:

    x4+0x3+3x2+0x+1 for the dividend,
    and x2-2x+3 unchanged for the divisor.

    Start the steps by asking what is the quotient of x4 divided by x2 ? This will be the first part of your quotient; then you perform your multiplication typically done in your usual process that you were taught back when you studied long division in elementary school and middle school. Can you continue from here?
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