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Help with Strange Photos of the Sun

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    Hi all, I was hoping for a little advice and some insight on these pictures I took.

    Here is the first (orig_small1.jpg):

    And the Second after I realized and waited for a break in the traffic (orig_small2.jpg):

    I was on the Skyway Bridge in the passenger seat driving from St. Pete to Tampa back in September 2005. It was approximately 6:30am. I was there from 9/19-9/23. I am sure it was later on in the week. I am looking for something to confirm the day.

    I have done some looking around over the past year or so trying to find a similar pic and cannot find one. I have take other pics of the Sun with the same Treo 650 (yes, imagine that…the actual photo blown up is remarkably detailed) after this and there was no black spot so that would rule out a malfunction of the device.

    I then went and charted the Solar System as it would have been the day and time of the picture if it was the last day I was there. I used the last day because Venus and Mercury were further away from being in “front” of the Sun to appear in the photo.

    There is also the “Second Sun” effect in the upper right. Thought maybe it was glare but I’m not sure either.

    I will say that I am a fan of the . I am a senior executive for a corporation in Massachusetts and a big fan of the world of science (science fiction too). However, it's from an armchair point of view . I have been sitting on these pics for a few years and I figured I would share in hopes of being able to put a valid caption on them one day. Thanks for the help and input in advance.


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