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A photograph (also known as a photo) is an image created by light falling on a photosensitive surface, usually photographic film or an electronic image sensor, such as a CCD or a CMOS chip. Most photographs are created using a smartphone/camera, which uses a lens to focus the scene's visible wavelengths of light into a reproduction of what the human eye would see. The process and practice of creating such images is called photography.

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  1. berkeman

    Very cool factory production line photos

    I almost posted this in the GD Random Photos thread, but I thought folks in this forum would appreciated it more. These photos from the production lines inside factories are very cool, IMO. One of my first summer jobs in high school was in a factory similar to these...
  2. DaveC426913

    Plotting My Air Flight Path from Photos

    I expected this to be challenging but it's turning out to be much harder than I expected. I just flew back from Cuba to Toronto, got in at 315AM. It was a beautiful, clear and I had the window seat, so I took a bunch of pics. Now I'm plotting the flight path by analyzing the photos. It's super...
  3. L

    Manually stacking photos

    I was given the above opacity levels for stacking photos to create an equal average of all photos as a single photo. Can anyone explain how this works? I suspect if I had 4 photos labeled A to D I could combine A and B first, C and D second, then AB and CD last, all at 100% bottom layer and 50%...
  4. ZapperZ

    My Photos Of The Year - So Far

    These two will be the strong contenders for my photos of the year. There's our cruise ship, the Disney Wonder. And in the background, Dawes Glacier at Endicott Arm, Alaska. We got even closer to the glacier on an excursion when we got onto a catamaran. Photos were taken on May 25, 2022. Zz.
  5. Isopod

    Microscope Recommendations: Good value for money and takes photos?

    Hi there! I'm doing a project where I will be making 3 ecospheres (ecosphere = enclosed water ecosystem trapped in a jar) using water & substrate taken from 3 different natural sources. I'm hoping that microscopic life will flourish in these jars because my plan next is to study the lifeforms...
  6. patric44

    Other Using Calculator photos in my article?

    hi guys I am trying to publish a paper and finally it got a moderate revision, but there is a little problem : after submitting the revisions which wasn't much, I received an email from the publisher saying "We notice that you may have used previously published material in your article" , the...
  7. D

    Lens selection for close proximity surface photos

    Good day all, I am searching for some advice on how I could successfully take photos of a surface that is 5mm away from a CMOS camera sensor. My ideas so far are; 1.) Find a lens with sub millimeter focal length (0.2mm by my calculations) 2.) Utilize mirrors to increase object distance 3.) Pin...
  8. kyphysics

    Malware Risk from Clicking Yelp, Google Reviews, etc. Photos?

    Often when there is a business that I want to get consumer reviews on, there will be a poster/reviewer who adds a photo to their comments. For example, a person might show how an Amazon order came damaged. Or, a person on Yelp! or Google Reviews may post a photo of food they ate, etc. The...
  9. morrobay

    Random Photos

    A topic for random photos: Ko-Larn island 7 km West of Pattaya
  10. S

    Customer supplied photos on Amazon

    Does Amazon still allow customers to attach photos to customer written product reviews? Their help page on the topic indicates this is possible, but I no longer see any way to do it.
  11. morrobay

    For Photos You Should Have Posted Instead, In The Photo Contests

    Should have , could have , would have. I hope I am not the only one who has had second thoughts on the photo that was posted in any particular photo contest. This for the 'You Look Rather Down'contest.That I should have posted.
  12. Wes Tausend

    Old photos: to throw, or not to throw?

    I have some old, large family portraits that seem to have been made pre-1900, but my parents didn't know who they were, and neither do I. They could belong to either side of my parents or no relative at all. Some of my family members recommend just throwing them instead of passing them on in...
  13. E

    Venera 13 photos from the surface of Venus

    In 1982, the USSR sent a space probe named Venera 13 to land on the planet Venus. The lander lasted only two hours before succumbing to the extreme temperatures and crushing pressures on the surface of Venus, but not before it sent back these stunning photographs.
  14. codelieb

    Intro Physics Feynman Lectures on Physics Photos posted online

    Hello, Everyone. I'm happy to announce that the entire collection of (3043) photos taken of Richard Feynman giving his famous 1961-64 introductory physics lectures at Caltech (including his blackboards - original source material for the book, The Feynman Lectures on Physics [FLP]) have been...
  15. DennisN

    Bug Image degradation (compression?) in copied threads

    Hi! I recently noticed that posted images can lose quality when they are copied from a thread to a new thread. It seems they undergo some extra compression, and I don't understand why. Compare for instance the photos in this PF photo contest thread with the photos in the corresponding vote...
  16. Sophrosyne

    B The Hubble deep field photos and the edge of the universe

    The Hubble telescope was able to capture images of the edges of our visible universe in its deep space photos. These were among its most breathtaking pictures. They show galaxies from about 14 billion light years away, as well as in the past, from the very beginning of time and space in our...
  17. aabottom

    I M87 Black Hole Photos and the Spin Orientations

    M87 Black Hole Photos and the Orientations the Angular Momentum of the Black Hole and that of the Accretion Disk. I’m trying to understand the orientations the angular momentum (let’s call it spin) of the black hole and that of the accretion disk. Veritasium has good video on the topic [1], but...
  18. astroscout

    I Calculating STEVE's Height from Two Photos 370km Apart

    A friend of mine was able to photograph STEVE and later found out that another photographer also captured the same event. One captured it from the south and the other from the north. He has asked me if using the the information from both locations, can the height of STEVE be calculated? The two...
  19. DennisN

    Beautiful historical panoramas

    Photo: Tomb of Ramses VI. Beautiful scrollable panoramas (360) on 360cities: Temple of Isis Tomb of Ramses III Temple of Horus Al Dier Monastery at Petra More panoramas: Mohamed Attef, panoramic photographer. Other panoramas: Ramses VI panorama (360) on facebook. A video showing the tomb of...
  20. BillTre

    Stanley Kubrick Photos from Before he did Movies

    Short CNN article here. The first picture in the article is of a scientist with a Dr. Strangelove feel.
  21. NTL2009

    Electronics Using photos for project front panel labels/artwork

    There are many web sites and videos about various methods for producing one-off labels/graphics for our DIY project front panels. Most of the ideas I've seen involve printing on a laser or ink-jet, and transferring this (laser), or applying it (ink-jet) to the front panel with adhesive or...
  22. Fervent Freyja

    Photos from text messages

    Are photos from text messages stored in internal storage in a cell phone, even if not downloaded into the phone?
  23. DennisN

    Eyecandy photos for science fans

    Some very nice photos here: Picture of Single Trapped Atom Wins UK Science Photography Prize (Gizmodo) e.g. A Strontium atom Polymers.
  24. G

    B How many photos of the Higgs were taken before 7.4.12?

    I read once that 37 photos of the decay products of the Top Quark were taken before its existence was announced but I have forgotten where I read it. Does anyone know the number of photos of the Higgs were taken before its existence was announced? Further, why would x number of photos yield a...
  25. davenn

    Photos of 2 Sydney, Australia Icons

    A couple of images from my photo activities Sydney Harbour Bridge - after the late afternoon storm had passed Affectionately known as "The Coathanger The Sydney Opera House in later afternoon sun "The Sails" Dave
  26. Chronos

    Stargazing Stunning 2017 Eclipse Photos of the Corona Chromosphere

    corona chromosphere
  27. DennisN

    Stargazing Mobile astrophotos premiere

    Behold my first photos of stars...:smile: Thanks to PF members and PF threads, and reading about astrophotography, I succeeded the first time. This was just some tests I did with my mobile phone, LG G4, which has a pretty decent camera which can be used in manual mode, i.e. I can set the ISO...
  28. A

    Stargazing Where can I find high resolution photos of distant stars?

    Hello I've been digging around for high resolution photos of distant stars now for awhile. The search has been pretty difficult. If what I've been reading is correct then there appears to be a limit to viewing small objects like stars, if this is true can someone help me understand the reason...
  29. hackhard

    Tweet photos with Arduino Uno

    i ve got an Arduino Uno R3 and the OV7670 camera module SD Module and a Wifi shield . ive done tweeting with arduino using twitter library http://playground.arduino.cc/Code/TwitterLibrary i was wondering Is there any library to post images in a tweet? or some other hack?
  30. Planobilly

    My latest crazy amp project photos

    It takes real machines to build big amps!..lol 11 tubes, 2 channels, tube reverb, 100 watts, channel switching, DC tube heaters...somewhere in all this I must have lost my mind!...lol I guess tomorrow I will see if this beast will work. It is by far the most complex amp I have dreamed...
  31. Planobilly

    New '56 Fender Deluxe Amp Build - Photos & Info

    Hi, Thanks for all the kind help answering my goofy questions guys. Here is the results. This is a reproduction of a 1956 Fender Deluxe with modern case covering. The cloth is seat cover material from a vintage Porsche 911. The sides are black leather. Minor change to the the grid...
  32. P

    Stargazing How can the telescopes take photos of distant galaxies?

    So how can the photos of distant galaxies have no nearer stars in front of them? Or photos of nebulae? I feel like there are so many stars.that it would be impossible to take a photo of a distant object without a star in front of the photo blocking the way. Or is it luck that there are no stars...
  33. C

    B Are colors in astro photos 'real'?

    There are lots of amazing photographs of nebula around. The colors contribute greatly to their grandeur. But if we were able to get near enough to a nebula to see it with the naked eye would it possesses the colors we see in published photographs taken by telescopes? Or are the colors in astro...
  34. P

    B How does having long exposure help with distance in photos?

    The Hubble Space Telescope was able to take the Hubble Ultra-Deep Field Image thanks to the telescope being exposed to a single section of the sky for well over two months. But what I don't get is: how does keeping the telescope open for a long time help with catching distant objects? It can't...
  35. Janus

    Photos from visit to Star Trek exhibit.

    My wife and I drove up to Seattle recently to see this exhibit at the EMP celebrating 50 years of Star Trek. Here are some pictures of some of what they had on display. Kirk and McCoy's uniforms, Original captain's chair, and helm/navigation console from bridge. Uniform and props from Deep...
  36. Jessica Ann Yost

    Why does the moon look full in my photos,....

    ...so close to the Sun's position? Is this even possible? First two, taken around May 1st, 2015. Last one, taken in October, 2015
  37. davenn

    Storm chasing fun and photos last weekend 31 Oct - 01 Nov

    Mid Saturday morning and the radar was telling the story, a large and long storm front line was stretching across SE Australia and was very lightning active. Said to my wife, Cindy, pack an overnite bag, we're going stormchasing and probably won't be home till Sunday nite. 300km or so of...
  38. synfiniti

    Are Galaxies in Hubble Telescope Photos of Clusters?

    Below are two URLs to Hubble telescope photos of galaxy clusters. I would like to know if every single white or colored splotch in these photos is a galaxy, or do single/individual stars/suns manage to get mixed in there? Thank you for your time...
  39. Evo

    Fake and overused weather photos

    I thought this was a good article as I have also seen many of these same fake photos. Nice to know the truth. http://www.weather.com/news/news/fake-overused-weather-photos-20140421
  40. T

    Can you see the atmosphere with you eyes or only through photos? (In space)

    Among my favorite space photos are those in which you can see the Earth's, or other planets atmosphere, and I've always wondered if this was something like you can't see a galaxy with the naked eye, unless you use really long exposure times in your photos?
  41. DennisN

    Our Beautiful Universe - Photos and Videos

    This thread is dedicated to the beauty and awesomeness of our Universe. If you feel like it, please share video clips and photos (or nice animations) of space and objects in space in this thread. Your posts, clips and photos may by all means include scientific information; that does not make it...
  42. E

    Finding duplicate photos on large photo galleries?

    I was wondering if there is there any kind of program that identifies duplicate photos in large galleries saved on your computer? I've got several galleries that contain more than 1,000 photos and I'd like to delete any and all duplicates. It's extremely difficult to do this manually.
  43. duhuhu

    Access to unedited photo/video archive of moon landings

    Hey guys, Lately I have been getting really really into the moon landings, and I want to take a look at some of the image archives to get a better look at what all they did and saw on the moon. Unfortunately, no mater how much I search, all I can seem to find is the same hundred or so photos...
  44. Abishek

    Dual Nature of Photon (and such particles) - WHY?

    I know that photons and other particles of comparatively smaller dimension show dual nature. But why? Can someone help me? :confused:
  45. E

    Uploading photos from your computer to instagram?

    Is it possible to upload photos from your desktop computer to your instagram account? Or are the ONLY photos you can upload are the ones taken with the camera on your smart phone?
  46. A

    Questions about my stratosphere photos

    Hi all. OK so these were shot with the same camera with same settings. Both are supposedly at 28 km altitude in the stratosphere. Why does in the first image (NOT MINE) the sky appear pitch black while on the rest it is slowly fades to dark blue? Any chance when the sun is in the horizon...
  47. Andy Resnick

    Stunning Summer Vacation Photos: Starry Skies, Thunderstorms, and Perfect Waves

    I thought I'd start a thread for people to post any good pics they took on summer vacation. Here's mine- a few of the starry sky: A composite shot of (from the top) the sky (with Air Force fighter jet), a thunderstorm, the ocean, and people looking for ghost crabs: and my...
  48. F

    Homemade Quantum Eraser Experiment revisited with photos and full text

    This experiment is based on a Scientific American article from April 14, 2007 ( http://www.arturekert.org/sandvox/quantum-eraser.pdf [Broken] ) or ( http://www.angelfire.com/folk/thegrieves/transfer/200705.pdf in renderable text). The article demonstrates how to set up an experiment that...
  49. F

    Misc. DIY Quantum Eraser Experiment with photos and full text

  50. S

    Amazon.com no longer to display customer's product photos

    Amazon.com (USA) is quietly deleting all customer contributed product photos from its website. The deletion is scheduled to be complete by Aug. 31. If you browse the site you'll notice the option to upload customer images is gone from most of the pages. (Meanwhile, Amazon has announced that...