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Help with understanding electron sharing in

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    in the reaction,

    Ag+ + 2:NH3 --> [NH3:Ag:NH3]+

    Where are the electrons being shared here in the product? Ag can only carry a +1 charge, so why and where does it share the electrons with the NH3?

    What would make these two substances want to bond in the first place? Is it because of the lone pair on the ammonia atom bein attracted towards the Ag+
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    I think the crux of the issue is that this is not a compound like a silver salt (e.g., AgCl), but rather a complex ion found in solution, much like a metal aquo complex. But you are on the right track after a fashion, the lone pair on each ammonia coordinates to the positively charged silver cation. If memory serves, this is how you can actually get silver in an aqueous solution - add AgCl (for example), watch it not dissolve very well in straight water, add ammonia, voila, the salt dissolves!

    I hope you find that clarifying.
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    It did actually. Thank you.
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