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Homework Help: Help with writing half reactions for the following

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    1. Fe2+ + MnO4- -> Fe3+ + Mn2+ (acidic solution)

    2. I need to write a half reaction for the oxidation and reduction process and I am totally lost. If I could have help on this one, maybe I will understand how to complete the balance of my work.
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    Remember, lose electrons oxidized, gain electrons reduced. What indicates the electron movement for any reaction? After you figure that out, break the reaction into half-reactions.
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    Break the answer down:

    What is being reduced?
    What is being oxidised?
    Write the half equation for the reduction
    Write the half equation for the oxidation
    Multiply up the 2 half equations so they balance

    This is such a classic redox titration that you will find it in any school textbook
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