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Helpful Hints about everyday things

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    "Helpful Hints" about everyday things

    Ok...everyone list a few "Helpful Hints" about everyday things.
    For example:

    Put things you want to remember to take with you the next morning on top of your shoes.

    Use the "Power" feature on your microwave and set it to 50%-70% to avoid having food pop and explode everywhere. (Much more effective if your microwave has an inverter)

    When putting more hot water in your bathtub, use one hand to circulate the water for even heating.

    Your turn!
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    Re: Helpful Hints

    I really like suggestion 1.

    Here's one. If you're stuck in a traffic jam, don't speed up, break, etc. Maintain a slow constant speed. You'll save gas, and move just as fast as everybody else. People will initially honk at you, but if you stick to your guns, you can break up the traffic a little around you, especially if other people start to emulate your example. I find this is also much less stressful then the "stop and go" method.
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    Re: Helpful Hints

    Oh no, are you the one ahead of me that drives slow in a jam and people keep cutting in front of you so that I finally have to make a desperate/dangerous move to get out from behind you so I can make some progress? :surprised
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    George Jones

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    Re: "Helpful Hints" about everyday things

    I regularly use suggestions two and three, and I use a modified version of your first suggestion.

    I often keep my shoes/snow boots outside my door, so leaving my laptop by my boots is not advisable. I carry a backpack to and from work everyday, and I put stuff that I don't want to forget on/in my backpack the night before.

    I walk 20 - 25 minutes to a coffee shop every morning, and, before I leave, I check the weather, so that I know what to wear. Appropriate dress is the key to an enjoyable walk; inappropriate dress makes a much bigger difference for a 25 minute walk than it does for a 25 minute "indoor" car ride!

    I don't mind if the temperature is -30 C (-22 F) or colder, as long as I am wearing a sweater and my warmest coat (parka). If however, the temperature is only -10 C (14 F), then a sweater and my parker is far too warm.
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    Re: "Helpful Hints" about everyday things

    Now where did I put those shoes?
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