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Hey, bring your laptop, use maple!

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    This is the first time I've ever heard these words from a professor:

    "Hey, bring your laptop! (To the tests) Use maple/mathmatica/excel! That's what it's for!"

    This is from my probability professor. *glee* My calculator actually performs all the necessary functions, with convenient menu buttons. Yay! This isn't really my intended future field anyway. I just got stuck with this class due to scheduling limitations.
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    That probably means that he'll ask questions where the laptop is useless... :frown:
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    I didn't get that impression. He just seems easy. He also hand-writes all the notes and posts them online for us to print out.
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    Is it a very applied probability course for science , finance, etc majors or a probability theory for math majors course?
    It makes sense to make students in the first category learn to use all the tools they can possibly have at their disposal.
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    We're definitely not learning probability theory. Now that would be more my area of interest. It is part of the math major courses, but I think it is also shared by the statistics major.
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    This is what my linear algebra professor told us this semester.

    [Heavy Turkish Accent] "You can use anything you want on the exams for my class, with the exception of cellular phones. However, you will probably find that your electronics will not be of use." [/Heavy Turkish Accent]
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    Scary :eek:
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    Vanadium 50

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    "Prof. Vanadium, can we use a calculator?"
    "Yes, but it will only be useful as a straightedge".
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