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Hey guys, this is my theory of blackholes and how new parallel universes

  1. Dec 5, 2009 #1
    my theory of black holes, and the start of the universe,
    ok ,all black holes go to central point of mass, all the central points of all the black holes combine to converge to a parallel universe, which takes the mass from our universe, to start the "big bang", when enough mass has been forced through the black holes of singularity,
    this process with then trigger a big bang in a parallel universe.
    so to consolidate, when the mass of one unverse, contracts, and travels through a black hole, it gets projected into a new "Parallel" unverse.
    i have devised this theory of string theory by Dr. stephen Hawkin.
    so guys, what do you think?
    aidan (aged 16)
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    A pretty good theory for a 16 yr old.

    When I was 16 all I thought about was boobs.

    Now at age 23, Its about half thinking about boobs, half thinking about science.

    Good job kid, seriously. Keep up on that stuff. If you havent seen it, check out the movie "the elegant universe" i have it. has to do with string theory and such...awesome stuff.
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    Hi Aiden. I don't know that your theory makes any physical sense, but I agree with LebLlama that it's good for you to be thinking about this stuff at such an early age. In addition to Elegant Universe, there's a book by Dr. Lisa Randall called "Warped Passages" which might be of interest to you. It actually deals with other dimensions and how they might actually be rolled up into the fundamental particles which make up our universe.
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    Hi Aidan, welcome to PF!

    Unfortunately for this particular discussion, PF has a general rule of not discussing personal theories or speculations about physics. We had to put this rule in place because we were getting overrun with cranks and crackpots. We think it's great for people to get interested in science, but we think it's better for people to steer that interest into learning more about what is already known and what scientists are actually working on at the edges of science, rather than start off by inventing their own theories.

    It takes a lot of study to get to the point where you can come up that is (a) genuinely new and (b) has a snowball's chance in hell of being correct. Even Real Scientists who seriously propose new theories turn out to be wrong most of the time.
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