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Hey. I don't know where to introduce myself, so I'll just put this

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    Hey. I don't know where to introduce myself, so I'll just put this here. Lol, maybe people here don't introduce themselves and I'll look like an idiot 'round here.

    Anyways, what's up?
    I'm Carlton, I'm 14, I'm a freshmen and I'm currently enrolled in AP Bio. My goals are to follow the track of AP Bio ---> AP Chem ---> AP Physics ---> Undecided
    I enjoy bodybuilding which I started just about a month ago. I have a thing for ping pong, yes I'm Asian(lol). Hmm... I play football, badminton and basketball on my free time.

    I was searching something up on Google when I came across this forum and that was when I registered for this forum. I have been observing the threads and people around here and feel that you guys are pretty advanced in science in general. Because of that reason, I decided to stay and try to post frequently as I think that this community will benefit my education.

    Thanks for reading
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    Re: Introduction?

    You didnt tell which club you support to ? !

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    Re: Introduction?

    Hi Carlton, welcome! I hope you will enjoy your time here :smile:
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