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Hi all, I just come to this magic group

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    I am Kimberly, newbie here. I love here!
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    hey Kimberly

    welcome to Physics Forums :)

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    Hello Kimberly, welcome to PF. :smile:
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    Helo Kimberly!! Welcome to PF!!

    Anyway, it needs to be done... What's your favorite fish??
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    Hi everyone,
    I am new here and I found this site very interesting and I am very much fond of interesting facts about math and other things, So hope you all will appreciate me.
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    Hi, Rajput! So, what's your favo(u)rite fish?
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    I am also relatively new here. Well , I live in India and my favorite fish is golden anchovy(it is known as 'maandeli' in Marathi, which is the local language of Mumbai). I like eating them fried. It's relatively cheap here and is a good quick snack.
    http://media.lonelyplanet.com/lpimg/5491/5491-65/preview.jpg [Broken]

    I tried searching for the name of 'maandeli' in English , from the descriptions I found , I think it is golden anchovy. The image I posted is of 'maandeli' , does it appear to be the same as golden anchovy, as I suspect ?

    Anyways , on days when I feel a bit more opulent , I also enjoy eating fried Pomfret .

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    Hello Kimberly, how are you?

    You’re most welcome in our physics forums community and here are lots of alternative to learn about engineering.

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    Hi, Kimberly. As you learn and progress, hopefully you will take the time to help newbies who stumble onto this site.

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    These days we prefer smoked over fried.
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    Yes, smoked is preferable.

    Kippers, baby oysters, baby clams... all better smoked.
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    It takes lots of time though. :biggrin:
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    We are not hunter-gatherers here, so we can afford a bit of time to get what we want.
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