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  1. M

    Is there any way to send instantaneous signals w/o breaking causality?

    In Star Wars, they move FTL by accessing hyperspace which is a short-cut of sorts or like a wormhole that allows them to travel very fast without breaking causality as they are technically not in this dimension. FTL signals are also sent through this same dimension (called hyperwave...
  2. J

    B Archimedes Principle - A Rock and Water Magic Trick

    I understand how to measure specific gravity of a rock. One weighs the rock then tares a beaker of water and then suspends the rock on a string to observe the “weight” gain of displaced water. My brain however could never get how, without adding a drop more water or adding the mass of the rock...
  3. S

    Opening a portal to the center of the Sun

    Whilst perusing a D&D forum, I stopped to answer a question someone put out which was "what would happen if we used the gate spell to open a portal to the middle of the sun?" I replied (this was a while ago) and whilst I'm reviewing it, I am troubled by the fact that this uses such high forces...
  4. N

    B Combinatorics and Magic squares

    Hi there. Happy new year. I am interested in magic squares. I am particularly interested in how to fill a square of order n in a symmetrical and logical way by analyzing the possible ways to achieve a given sum of numbers. My question is about combinatorics analyses. For example for a square...
  5. Marioweee

    Nuclear shell model of double magic nucleus 132Sn

    The independent particle energies for protons and neutrons around the exotic doubly magic core 132Sn are shown in the figure below, where π refers to protons and ν to neutrons. Using the nuclear shell model and using this figure as a guide, answer to the following questions: a)Estimate Jπ...
  6. F

    Python "ImportError: bad magic number ...."

    # Test suite for Problem Set 3 (Simulating Robots) # Fall 2016 import sys import threading import traceback import unittest import random import imp test = imp.load_compiled("test", "test.pyc") import ps3 def xyrange(x_upper_bound, y_upper_bound): """ Returns the cartesian product of...
  7. DaveC426913

    "Magic" AA batteries in a home device?

    I am mystified. My number-combo door lock (one of two I have) is powered by 4 AA batteries. It has been working for so long I don't remember when I installed it - musta been ten years at least. The batteries have begun to run down - it labours to retract the dead bolt now - so it's time to...
  8. newjerseyrunner

    What would it take to convince you of magic / supernatural?

    My wife posed a theoretical similar to this last night while watching the show Supernatural. I also was thinking about the concept that technology that is sufficiently advanced becomes indistinguishable from magic. The more I think about it, the more I see that idea as paradoxical...
  9. F

    Help understanding how my "magic" siphon works....

    I have a fish tank into which is flowing a steady stream of water at around 2L/H. I set up a submerged pump controlled by a float switch to remove water at the same rate as it was coming in and so maintain a constant water level. The pumped water is discarded to a drain via a 6mm flexible tube...
  10. J

    A Quantum tomography: Where does the magic happen?

    My question is: How does this happen? Less measurements than 4^n-1 means that literally we don't have enough information to label the state. How can the neural network overcome this lack of information?
  11. T

    Major Depression Relieved within a Week with Magic Mushrooms

    "This randomized clinical trial found that psilocybin-assisted therapy was efficacious in producing large, rapid, and sustained antidepressant effects in patients with major depressive disorder." https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamapsychiatry/fullarticle/2772630 Apparently the Natives had...
  12. Vanadium 50

    I Can New Theorems Predict Incomplete 5x5 Magic Square Solutions?

    A magic square is a NxN array of numbers from 1 to N2 such that the sum of elements of each row, column and diagonal adds up to the same number, 65 in the case of 5x5's. An example would be: 15 19 4 7 20 6 14 24 16 5 9 21 1 22 12 10 3 23 18 11 25 8...
  13. Ssnow

    B A magic number or only a number?

    Hi to all entire community, I was reading the book of R.Feynmann: "Six easy pieces" when at certain point He started to consider the gravitational force ##F_{g}## and the electric force ##F_{e}## of a system composed by two electrons fixed at a certain distance (I think electrons are in the...
  14. T

    B Banach-Tarski Paradox: Exploring the Ultimate Magic Trick

    Hi! Does anyone think Banach-Tarski's paradox needs reworking? I first came across it in a video by Vsauce. I've been told that things might be reworked as to avoid the paradox, just as set theory was fixed so as to avoid Russell's paradox. How to make sense of a smallest unit of space is what...
  15. S

    I Why are higher magic numbers not accurately predicted?

    Why are higher magic numbers not accurately predicted if nuclear potential is assumed to be a central potential? Nuclei with magic numbers have a higher stability that those without. If we think of the nuclear potential as a central potential though these magic numbers aren't predicted...
  16. B

    B Magic number 3 in particle physics

    Hi, I found number 3 repeating in particle properties, like: a) 3 generations of matter: electron, muon, tau... b) 3 known charge abs values. (electron/pozitron +/-1, quarks: +/-2/3 and +/-1/3) c) Weindberg angle (~30deg) its 1/3 of right angle. Is there any other 3 hiding in particle...
  17. jedishrfu

    B Great Magic Triangle Math Puzzle

    This is quite an interesting puzzle. You know it's wrong but you don't know why by inspection: http://twistedsifter.com/2017/07/profs-use-this-puzzle-to-teach-lesson-about-problem-solving/ Can you figure out an easy way to inspect it? I spotted one way.
  18. C

    Tech's "Magic Hat" Project: Detecting Emotion via EEG

    I have been away on a bit of hiatus to explore the world of electrical engineering. I got mixed up with the signal processing crowd. Before I knew it, I was a research assistant in a Brain Computer Interfacing Lab. We use brainwave (EEG) signals to operate devices. This conversation may be...
  19. S

    Writing: Input Wanted A Magic Compass & Real Magnetism

    Hello! I'm looking for some help regarding magnetism and how it might work (or be fictionalized) in regards to a "magic" compass. I have two questions. Please excuse my complete scientific ignorance :) In my story, our young hero has a compass. The compass needle just spins in endless...
  20. AaronK

    Harry Potter Physics: Electrons

    So, I just had a thought about something I heard from Harry Potter a long time ago (not sure if it was from the films or the books-or both). One of the characters--I think it was Hermione--said something like: "Electronics don't work in Hogwarts." Or something to that effect--that electronic...
  21. EnumaElish

    Has anyone tried Harry Potter magic?

    Does it work? If not why not? I was expecting to find entire social groups established just for this purpose but a google search did not conjure up any.
  22. N

    What is the magic number in eV for electrons in glass, transparent....

    - liquids, and plastics for light to transmission completely through the material. Is this eV level known in glass, liquid, and transparent plastics, for electrons to transmission light. Physicists say that "In most solid or liquid substances, the electron structure is so complex that...
  23. Mastico

    What Substances Can Enhance Magic Tricks?

    Greetings Forum Members, I am quite new to this & this is my first post. To tell you guys a little bit about me I am a magician that creates effects and I figured that when I am stuck I should go somewhere and ask people that are smarter than me :-). First Question: Is there any kind of...
  24. R

    Magic: Tiny Plunger - Penn & Teller's Impressive Card Trick

    An act from Penn and Teller: Fool us where a plunger does the act of finding a card from deck against so many odds. This trick is so elegant as the magician is giving the plunger and cards for inspection yet he do wonders. Anybody having faintest idea of how this is being performed?
  25. R

    Magic -- Deflowering a Shadow

    This magic trick was performed by Teller on Penn and Teller: Fool us. In this trick the magician is basically cutting a flower by doing movements on a shadow. I don't see here sleight of hand or any threads attached. The screen may be recorded but how the real flower or artificial is being cut...
  26. R

    Can You Solve a Rubik's Cube in a Magic Trick?

    This is a magic trick performed on Penn and Teller: Fool us related to rubik's cube. The amazing thing here is that how the person solves a rubik cube when he removes the cube from the packet. Somebody has any logic?
  27. S

    Magic of Mechanics - Epicyclic (planetary) gears

    All About Epicyclic gearing This Video illustrates : - How does Epicyclic gear Work - some Application of Epicyclic gear - How to make Epicyclic gear calculation
  28. D

    Sorting/shuffling machine for trading cards (sports, Magic+)

    I work with a company that buys and sells millions of trading cards every year but the majority of these are sold for fractions of a penny if they're sold at all. From what I can see there are two options for this company to get more out of these cards, both of which are incredibly...
  29. L

    Magic Numbers in the Nucleus: Fact vs. Fiction

    I am really not sure and do not understand how you find out what are the magic numbers in case of nucleus. Here in leson lecturer said that magic number is ##114##, and in other resourses I find number ##126##? Do we have any real confirmation of this?
  30. S

    MHB How to Create 4-by-4 Magic Square w/Sum 34

    If you ever need a 4-by-4 Magic Square, here's an easy way to construct one. Draw a 4-by-4 grid and consider the cells on the two diagonals. $\quad\begin{array}{|c|c|c|c|} \hline * &&& *\\ \hline & * & * & \\ \hline & * & * & \\ \hline * &&& * \\ \hline \end{array}$Starting at the...
  31. S

    MHB Mystifying Magic: Four Aces Trick with Simple Setup

    You probably noticed that I have an interest in Magic. It was a hobby when I was young (I still have a trunkful of tricks).$\;$ I've been reviewing simple card and coin tricks, inspired by my grandson, who requires constant entertainment, but is a most appreciative audience. I learned this...
  32. Greg Bernhardt

    Can distinct integers with 8 subsets of 3 always form a magic square?

    This challenge has been provided by @Joffan A magic square has rows, columns and diagonals summing to the same number. For a 3x3 magic square there are 8 such sums. Given a set of 9 distinct integers which has at least 8 subsets of 3 all with a common sum, is it always possible to make a magic...
  33. R

    Does the Fourier Transform Reveal the Magic of Video Segmentation?

    Magic of Fourier Transform? Hello everyone,i am doing my project in image processing... i have done video sementation using the Fourier transform . I applied 3-D fft on video frames ((gray image(2D)+no of video frames(1D)=3D) and Obtained magnitude and phase spectrum and reconstructed video...
  34. F

    A little magic trick with polarized film

    A little "magic" trick with polarized film DO try this at home! I took three pieces of polarized film (which I salvaged from a pair of 3-D glasses). First I put two pieces together (A and B), one rotated at 90 degrees to the other. This effectively blocks out almost all the light. Then, I took...
  35. V

    Calculate Ro for CS MOSFET Amp using V'A, L, and ID | Homework Solution

    Homework Statement Supposed to find Ro for a CS MOSFET amp given V'A=10V/μm, L=0.4μm, and ID=100μA. Homework Equations Ro=ro=V'A*L/ID The Attempt at a Solution I say that ro=10μ*0.4μ/100μ= 10*10^-6*0.4*10^-6/100*10^-6 = 4*10^-8 Book says "10x0.4/.1=40kΩ" .. what exactly...
  36. B

    What is a phase wand and how does it work in medical linear accelerator systems?

    Hi all, I have recently come across term "phase wand between the magnetron and the accelerator, to provide reflected power from the accelerator to the magnetron to adjust the magnetron frequency to match the resonance frequency of the accelerator. this basicallly used in Medical Linear...
  37. B

    The Magic of Light: Trapping Light in Orbit

    Can light be bend in such a way that it is essentially trapped in an orbit?
  38. mrspeedybob

    Cracking the Code: The Secret Behind the Magic Trick at 13:30

    The trick in question starts at 13:30 and goes through 19:00 Begin with the premises that this is trick wasn't produced strictly for television and could be performed live, and that the audience participants were not plants. Any theories about how it could have done?
  39. T

    What's the magic formula for ensuring that I land an internship?

    I attend ryerson university for computer engineering (freshman) and I'm wondering what the magic formula is to ensure that I land an internship. From Ryerson Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering website: The problem is that I have zero work experience as of right now. Do they...
  40. V

    General algorithm for a magic square

    Is there any algorithm to form a magic square of any size with a desired magic sum ? Also can we make a magic square not only with the numbers from 1 to n2 but using any random numbers ?
  41. Greg Bernhardt

    Busted at the Fair: Buy Slushy Magic

    Last week I went to my state's fair and one of my favorite places is the expo center. It's shop full of "made for tv" products. I've always been suspicious of the products being presented, but for the first time I witnessed a booth getting busted! I forget the exact name of the product...
  42. J

    MHB Master the Magic Square: Tips for Solving the 3x3 Puzzle in Just 4 Hours

    HI In a square 3 x 3 using the numbers 1 to 9 once only put the numbers so that: the numbers on the top row minus the numbers in the 2nd row = the numbers on the 3rd row. trying this for about 4 hrs and am always 1 number out.
  43. C

    Exploring the Shell Model of Nucleus: An Introduction to Nuclear Physics

    I'm currently reading about nuclear and particle physics in B.R.Martins 'An introduction to nuclear and particle physics'. In chapter 7.3 he introduces the shell model of the nucleus and draws an analogy to the periodic table and how we think of it being constructed of progressively placing...
  44. K

    Hi all, I just come to this magic group

    I am Kimberly, newbie here. I love here!
  45. M

    Ostensible Contradiction b/w Continuity & Cartan's Magic Formula

    Continuity equation is dj+\partial_t\rho_t=0 where j and \rho are a time-dependent 2-form and a time-dependent 3-form on the 3-dimensional space M respectively. (see e.g. A gentle introduction to the foundations of classical electrodynamics (2.5)) If we use differential forms on the...
  46. E

    Comp Sci Magic Square Java Homework: Implement Class Square

    Homework Statement An n by n matrix that is filled with the numbers 1, 2, 3, … n2 is a magic square if the sum of the elements in each row, in each column, and in the two diagonals is the same value. Write a class that creates a square matrix (as a two-dimensional array) andtests whether...
  47. Andy Resnick

    Unravelling the Magic Behind "Spherical Cow"

    "Spherical Cow" The title will make sense shortly... I gave 'reading quizzes' (algebra based Physics I and II) that are due before each lecture- these are 3 short-answer questions designed to identify student misconceptions prior to the lecture so that I can directly address any conceptual...
  48. S

    Maximize Magic Beans: Solve the 2 Bag Challenge!

    You have 2 bags of beans containing 10 beans each. In each bag, there 3 magic beans. How do you maximize the number of magic beans selected if you are allowed to pick 10 beans out of the 20 altogether? You can mix them if you want and do anything you want but cannot draw one at a time from each...
  49. B

    'Quantum Magic' Without Any 'Spooky Action at a Distance'

    Folks, I found this article. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/06/110624111942.htm" What are your comments on this? Thanks